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  1. Excuse me. IMHO there are no conspiracy opinions, just talks about facts, leaves the door wide open for anyone to draw his or her conclusions. You can`t draw conclusions, when part of important information was not given, the one concerning the chinese goverment. If they didn't have nothing to hide why didn't they give the infomartion? By the way, I'm missing something... you said you read four paragraphs and say it draws no conclusions?
  2. Truly believe it`s a laboratory virus. Accident IMHO (Stupidity is all around). Everyone involved, no innocents. But by far, chinese goverment guilty of not telling the truth, and hiding information,that could have saved millions. Should be charge for genocide... but who is going to bell the cat, all complices. https://thebulletin.org/2021/05/the-origin-of-covid-did-people-or-nature-open-pandoras-box-at-wuhan/ Very long article, got lost at some point... you decide
  3. Lot's of money to pump in, Italy is in a bit of crisis nowadays, it's going to be difficult.
  4. One thing's for sure,hate him or love him... Jimmy's the best---
  5. My mistake, ARN in spanish. I'm not saying it's more dangerous, haven´t got any degree. it has cons that are not really told, IMHO. It's all about what i read. They say mRNA, disappeares afterwards, normally, but it's not a fact, some pieces of the chain remain, that could eventually cause autoinmune diseases that are hard to cure. I'm not telling it's done in purpose, It is too soon to know, it has all been done in a hurry. That's why pharmaceuticals demand very tough clauses on contracts to avoid possible trials, it's my guess. Personally, I won't take any vaccine. My personal opinio
  6. Estimated world population; Corona virus cases: 109.345.397 1,56% Deaths: 2.409.966 0.03% What pandemic are we talking about? It's an inmune system disease. Those with weak inmune system are prone to get the worst part. It's a very contagious flu. Like most of flu's, it causes pneumonia, some very soft, some moderate and some severe. It came here to stay. Vaccines will be temporary solution, every year the virus will mute. The problem is it has affected more the 1
  7. Ineos main makes me vomit!
  8. WEll i'm down on the 3rd world
  9. IMHO a lot of difference between LR and Ineos rig...
  10. Don´t understand what's the problem i just google parada cup final in you tube and that´s it
  11. I would have given you more likes if I could
  12. Ben is ultra fucked... doesn´t matter the kind of question...
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