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  1. This image, the opening of Le Devin, is one of my favourite Uderzo drawings. It creates so much atmosphere...
  2. Yeah, Slipknot! This is one of my favourites, especially the bass solo near the end.
  3. Matthias Wandel has done lots of workbenches, with drawers etc. That may be a good source of information. https://woodgears.ca/projects2.html
  4. Mentour Pilot has lots of great information. What I like about the channel is that he has both good information for laypeople and tips for (aspiring) pilots, all informative and clearly explained. If you like aviation, or you travel, it's worthwhile to browse through his video backlog.
  5. True, it takes some skills to recognise bicycle paths. The locals can stroll easily because they recognise them in their sleep... Some signs to look out for: 1) Level changes. If part of a path is 15 cm below another part, it's probably a bicycle lane. 2) White lines on a pavement. One of the sides of the line is a bicycle lane. Look for the 'pedestrian' and 'bicycle' pictogrammes to see which is which. 3) Red surfaces. Brick red roads spell danger, these are bicycle highways so people ride even faster than usual. 4) In general, look out for bicycles. There are so many
  6. To the locals, nothing sucks worse about bike commuting in Amsterdam than tourists walking onto the cycle paths without so much as a look around...
  7. Aw c'mon, life is not only about software... This way, he does not have to clean off his regular computer all the time.
  8. This is also why I think that Edd generally did repairs which a hobbyist can perform with basic tools, nothing which would require a full garage. Wheeler Dealers, Mythbusters, American Chopper... that was my dinner entertainment 15 years ago... Good times.
  9. The problem is to find the line between being a twat, and requesting a reasonable respect of one's living space. If you replace "BBQ" by "jetskis", do the same arguments still hold? Is it OK to hold a thousand-strong jetski rally in front of a neighbour who complains about the noise?
  10. First swim of the season today. I tried a smaller snorkel and liberal applications of vaseline. Looked like a bloody walrus but it worked great, no water in my mask, no trouble diving, no headaches. Thanks to you all!
  11. Thanks for all the info! I have not yet been able to do a lot of tests, I only checked my mask and there seems to be some air coming in when I inhale, so leaking of water may be a problem. I'll keep you informed when I discover more.
  12. All good information. Thanks a lot! I'll look into your suggestions. There may be a fitness issue. Unlike before, I now have two young children so I am basically in a permanent state of exhaustion. That doesn't help... Also, I am pretty sure that I get water into my nose, so I'll look into the mask and snorkel fit. Finally, I always get blocked ears in airplanes during descent so there may be some issue there as well. Thanks again!
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