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  1. The location of the helm station on our BaƱuls 60 #2 is close to the aft cabin / bulkhead, offering better protection and view, less ideal for single-handed sailing (further from the main sheet and traveller) but better for crewed races in my view. For the upside up system: We've not gotten ours to work, last attempt ended in our H5000 smoking (the service technician claimed it was a coincidence). We always have someone on the main sheet in more than a force 2 anyhow (unless severly reefed for a delivery or passage etc.), it is a good habit on a high performance multihull.
  2. Cockpit of the McConaghy Vortex Pod Racer, there is already a thread on it.
  3. There is also another reason to first reduce the foresails on ocean-going high-performance multihulls: For structural reasons, you need the main sail supporting the mast where the corresponding forstay of the foresail you are using is in the lock. Thus, on our Lorima carbon mast, you cannot use the mast head lock (for the spinnaker) or the one between the J1/Solent and masthead (e.g. for the screecher) with a reef in the mainsail, or the J1/Solent with two reefs in the main.
  4. As in, two G4 and one F4, to my knowledge.
  5. Soma, I tried to contact you via PM but no luck (perhaps you have to many messages).
  6. Yes, that is right, Rasputin. The design seems much ahead of its time, not sure why VPLP does not even list it on its website anymore... It has a bit of a resemblance to "Magic Cat" for the hull lines, though the bridge deck has more of a lagoon look. Sportier though than the Lagoons, they were a close second to a 5X in the ARC (only double-handed, I think), and beat an Ocean Explorer, a 4X, lots of Lagoons and other cats.
  7. I think you may want to consider the VPLP designed Aikane 56, if you can get a hand on one of the 3 ever build. One just finished the ARC (and the full circle), and may come up for sale (not sure though). The owners are great multihull sailors and took good care of their boat (met them in Mallorca this year).
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