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  1. Finally getting to outside boat projects, did some mechanical stuff, got the sails off for misc. repairs, scrubbed the dodger and started on the cabin and deck today. Man, I really needed some boat therapy, have a couple of cruises locally (still not going to be able to cross the cheese curtain into Canada anytime soon) so going to take advantage of one of best cruising areas in the world which is my hood in the PNW. What's up w/ other anarchists plans to cut the lines and get out on the water??
  2. Worked w/ Peter Barrett, a true gentleman, generous to a fault and a fierce competitor as well. Miss those days but have amazing fond memories of too many rum and cokes in Nassau (and other locations), going to a titty bar in Ft. Liquordale where we dragged Brit Chance along one night, not sure he opened his eyes, prepping in Miamarina etc. etc. etc.
  3. Or just butt assed naked! See Chapman's for clarification of proper flag ranking and where and how they should be flown. Oh, see you have looked at Champmans. How about some dowel and duct tape, can run some shrouds out to the rail. I personally favor each flag on it's own staff, ranked by height. On a more serious note you don't want to be thrown in improper flag etiquette jail either, although as officers w/ other officers on board who is going to perform the citizens arrest.
  4. I appreciate his occasional mis-speak Good on him for hanging w/ his teenage love through all the years and good luck on the other side of the bar for less public scrutiny. He was cast in a Royal role early on.
  5. What a treat annoying Larry, he is usually the annoyer!
  6. BS, the gift that keeps on grifting. See the MOM here in my homeport and from 1,000 feet not eye bleachingly bad but pretty rough up close and roger that about surviving the first night at sea down below. Maybe a good thing as you would stay above decks incase the from falls off (or some other BS engineered part).
  7. Spectacular footage and realistic sailing. Have to leave the bikini to the imagination but WTF is wrong with a little imagination?
  8. That red BS boat is in my home port, in big tides in Fisherman Bay they just put her in the mud, no problemo. I'm sure BS could call his child home to its home mud bottom to spend it's waining years.
  9. I think the dodger thingy is on the power boat behind this beauty.
  10. We used to sleep on the sails in the 6metre on the floorboards, now those were accommodations. Having a few adult beverages and a warm body shanghaied made it all quite nice.
  11. And the cockroach survives and lands in paradise on his feet. Good on him, grifting has treated him well. Maybe time to sell everything, downgrade my boat and set off for a drift across the Pacific. Glad to hear Jean is well and has conquered his enabling habit.
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