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  1. No Shit, WTF cristyforo, do you have something stuck up your ass or?
  2. Raoul and Darlene’s story choked me up. Tally Ho crew, eager to see the project unfold in PT.
  3. Hey, WTF, at least the fucking bow (or bows) didn't fall off. What's all the whimpering for? No worries, out of sight out of mind.
  4. Wow, who needs drones, amazing footage.
  5. As Jimmy Buffet said, "God I wish I was sailing again". For me very soon, maybe 10 days for a 3 week adventure. Not nearly long enough but definitely a first world problem, tomorrow the south sound, next year the Broughtons and Vancouver Island. Short detour south for a deliver SD to SF and back with some old pirates. Fuck, life is pretty good!
  6. Oh, that changes everything, how could I possibly have doubted Great Circle?
  7. Just got a text from our daughter that her friends now are claiming Covid is not a virus but caused by 5G, WTF, when will this insanity end? (answer, probably not until the bug gets the non believers) Appreciate SS's posts and what is the name of this site anyway? I think Anarchy is in it.
  8. Greggy was my Starboat crew, we were team "Alien", and lived in my basement in Seattle for a while. A great shipmate! Yup, he was with me on Meridian that day. As I tell my wife, I have led a mostly sheltered life.
  9. Some times referred to as Moreidiots. Went out one day w/ the young Hedrick boy and we had the boat going faster upwind than the owner had ever seen. Jib lead out and get speed on before working up, rinse and repeat. Standard ULDB stuff.
  10. was posted tongue in cheek, yes, loved the decor of the interior. hope it was saved w/ a light epoxy cover, probably not in the pc days we live in.
  11. Yup, have used ye ole chain saw on lead several times. Quick and effective although with the proviso that a chain saw is an inherently unsafe piece of power equipment.
  12. You get what you pay for! Always deal with a sailmaker with a local representative and at least a repair facility. If it is 1/2 price there is a reason, maybe they only deliver 1/2 the sails ordered and WTF is up w/ Brian, he seemed like a stand up guy.
  13. Using 25 year old Yamaha 8ph on my skiff, a friend upgraded to a 4 stroke and now I have two 8's so a backup for spares. As me old mum used to say, "these might see me through".
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