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  1. Yah, what basket said, WTF has happened to tradition?
  2. And a multi purpose impact tool. ie: hammer
  3. Yup, sailed on Pachena on the Canadian AC Team that year, 3rd boat was Amazing Grace and that dog would not hunt. Was great racing with Bruce Kirby (RIP) on the team.
  4. And your fellow crew and sailors on the other boats. It is all about being a responsible human being. WTF, it ain't rocket fucking science. Watching the RTC boats go by in front of my house, I wish them all well and thank them for being responsible and being vaccinated before coming to our Islands of paradise.
  5. Always deal with someone you know or someone who someone you know can vouch for. Ordering sails from overseas and paying in full is just being a little too gullible. Having spent years in the sailmaking business I never stiffed a customer or an employee through good and bad times. Right and Wrong are not difficult concepts! If someone pulled that shit on me I would mortgage my wife to buy a ticket, get on an airplane, go to the perps home/business and choke the living shit out of the crooked bastard. Just sayin.
  6. Actually 4th, would have been 3rd except we had brain failure at the finish line in a race and were intimidated by Bill Buchan when we were on Stbd. tack, jibed away and he slid by to pass us. So it goes on the learning curve. I still kick myself for that and our 12th race finsh.
  7. Well, keep tuning in to see if anything is happening besides pissing upwind contests to see who can stay the driest (ei: least piss blow back). So far same old same old but hope burns eternal and will just have to see what the flip side brings.
  8. Damn, so glad the Fabulous Hagar will live to slay another day.
  9. Fuck No! Good point, lots cooler at night. And harder to keep track of your competition.
  10. Ha, Ha, Ha, can't imagine the original owner tinkering w/ his boat...
  11. We won a shit load of races w/ her!
  12. Wow, wow, wow, what an incredible or dare I say Impropable project. Keep going Bruce, the boat is great and so worth your efforts.
  13. And I'm here to tell you that one didn't buff right out, still sitting on the hard in Anacortes WA.
  14. Insurance, Doug don't need any farking insurance! Self insure I say. What could possible go wrong? One of my favorite features is the bus windows in the wheel house. Those babies will clearly keep any water out.
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