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  1. He's going have to find out a way keep his grifting lifestyle working while he is afloat. Cruising can be done on the cheap but it still costs money and no way that monstrosity is going to be on the cheap!
  2. Aloha Mates: The Captain and his Admiral are actually cutting the lines and going yachting for over a WEEK in our lovely PNW. Meeting up with some friends on their BOATS too So, so long for awhile suckers. After provisioning today and getting ready in an OC (but in a good way) we could head out the straits and take a left to California. Unfortunately no right turn as the Cheese Curtain is verboten.
  3. The Cone will be baaaaccccckkkk you doubters.
  4. Doh! A lost opportunity, you could've sold it to the OP for big Euros.
  5. And John was saying all the time "I got it, I got it, I got it!"
  6. Ouch, they sail like old people fuck, didn't even use their front sail. Lesson learned, never have to watch them again.
  7. Friggin' death trap I say, and wood to boot. If god had meant boats to be built out of wood it would float. That's what we used to say about ferrocement anyway.
  8. Ouch! Dropped several masts but never at the dock, so far.
  9. No, and seen some in obvious distress. I think on my boat I will go to rope and eliminate the coated wire (just incase they are a death trap) like offset hatch, oh, wait, my hatch is very slightly off center. I better buy some insurance for the Admiral as my days are limited.
  10. Blackline Marine (Canoe Cove Marine) has a guy who is considered an essential worker and he can come to Roche Harbor, pick up the boat and take it to Sidney. He does the dead head trip in a small skiff. Delivered a friends Swan 46 from Roche to Canoe Cove and back when the work was completed. Customs and paperwork was pretty straight forward. I think the charge was $500.00 one way.
  11. I remember Tom Blackaller at the Italian Admiral's Cup Trials I think in 1977 at Porto Cervo bragging about hydraulic forestay and backstay on the boat to allow changing the rake while sailing, he was demonstrating it at the dock. He was pumping away and yanked the bow pulpit off the boat as the halyards were all attached. Was pretty hilarious!
  12. Oh, only partly dead? Maybe just sink to decks awash.
  13. Fuki'n snakes, give me grizzly anytime. On our little island the biggest predators are Eagles and the occasional randy dog.
  14. I want one, might need some ear protection! Is it commercially available and what does it rate?
  15. Go for it, you can't take it with you and you can go upwind (or close to it) on the SC50, move the jib leads out and reduce sail. I have boat envy. My ideal boat would be a SC 52 but a bit out of my price range. I realize a lot different than the 50, have sailed both.
  16. zenmasterfred


    Alcohol is wet, wet, wet and also dangerous if you have ever try to use it while sailing in any kind of sea.
  17. zenmasterfred


    Had CNG on my last boat (Express 37), ended up buying a 3rd tank as the burn time is so much less than propane. Looking back I would have should have switched to Propane and presented w/ the dilemma again I would definitely switch. CNG sourcing is a pain in the arse mate. Was a great lighter than air idea but not efficient.
  18. He should have waited until the morning and reviewed his e mail before sending it. When in doubt delay, delay, delay in flaming volunteers, especially RCs. I always make it a point to sail by the finish boat/tower and thank them even if they did fuck up. It is a thankless job. And...it doesn't sound like this is the fucking Olympics. Shit happens, major overreaction. He owes the entire bar a round of boat drinks!
  19. As Bob Dylan said, "you don't need a weatherman to know which the winds blowing". I use PW and Windy but it is what it is when it is around here.
  20. Last I saw someone sent me a photo of her in Blaine looking a little the worse for wear. Was a special boat, previous owner had done all the stuff, barrier coated the bottom, refer/freezer engine driven and 110V, re-did the main salon in a much better layout, very attractive hard dodger, removed all the deck hardware and re-bedded. I installed a Dickinson Antarctic for cold climates. Darn, I do miss that boat, lived aboard and sailed her for 12+ years. S/Y "SummeR". Maybe someone will have an update??? Moved off when my former wife said she wouldn't spend another winter aboard, I built h
  21. I used to talk about digging a hole and planting my Cal 2-46 in it but it was too good a sailboat to meet that ignominious end.
  22. Well, tried finding the RJ in Bellyburg yesterday, checked the usual suspect boatyards on the city front and no sign of her (or "it"). Maybe the skipper is waiting to trailer her up after his road trip. Will be back up on Tuesday and ask around some more. Used to be you could find the ferrocement guys and they would know this kind of stuff but not so many of those around anymore. Most of the chicken wire has rusted out and the skim coat on the hulls fallen off by now.
  23. Does Roy Pat sail on the boat these days?
  24. Gomer is truly a small brained wiper of other peoples bottoms! Usually what goes around comes around and he is deserving of a shit storm of comes around.
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