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  1. Look up the history of the famous boat name FUJIMO, that would be my 2cents worth.
  2. My hands are raised for end boom sheeting. Replaced a 5:1 w/ 3:1 Harken blocks to a 2 speed winch on my 42 footer, very nice, eliminated a lot of mainsheet. Plenty of power.
  3. Thank you for pointing what used to be SOP here for noobs. No tits no info! Pretty fuckin' simple. Lately on various topics no one is honoring the hallowed initiation. Must show tits before learning the secret handshake!
  4. Pretty fuckin' cool for $125,000. Is shipping included and what does it rate?
  5. Good on ya mate, I used to head north end of May and return mid September, now just poking around here in America. Miss my Canuck friends. Have a great time.
  6. Yup, sad to see time go by and boats that were once state of the art relegated to slow deaths. Love to see the restorations and boats saved (talking about you Sloop).
  7. Those quarter pounders look like toy boats now w/ giant crewing on them. Did a lot of miles on all the Tonners, the level (almost level anyway) racing was great.
  8. Listen to Zonk, do NOT try to use the baby stay. Spent 20+ years in the sailmaking business, built a lot of storm sails and have actually used them. The inner forestay is a much more reasonable solution if you don't want to use the forestay. Don't try and reinvent the wheel as the saying goes.
  9. What Zonker says, if it was a reasonable solution you would see the racers doing it to save weight etc.
  10. Heading to the South Sound from the very North Sound in July w/ our little YC. Probably only us and one other sailboat, the rest power boats that drive as fast as they can to the next dock and drink. I have solved that conundrum, I drink on the way at a safe and sane speed. Will skip the multiple days at the docks and re-visit some lovely anchorages between the Juans and Olympia.
  11. Thank you for your help, still tired of the blah, blah, blah and user unfriendly coverage. Maybe the wonderful volunteers et. al. can do better next time.
  12. Really disappointed that the web site doesn't have a simple results page with finisher, boat type and time. Instead wordy bullshit. Looks like a wonderful sailing day here tomorrow so going to put up the asso spinnaker and sail downwind until it is time to drop it and sail home (or worst case use the d-sail).
  13. Was lucky to sail in Bydand, a R37 in Seattle w/ Bill Buchan, we built all our own sails at Buchan Sails, about doubled the size of the rudder and put a big honking long tiller on it so we could drive it downwind w/ boom/pole in the water alternating. Won a lot of races with that boat. Miss Gary Mull, he contributed a lot to the IOR days with innovative and very competitive designs, both production and custom.
  14. Definitely, did a lot of races against George, always fun at the bar too.
  15. Yup, poor little bugger was just looking to let off some teenage steam and couldn't find a girlfriend. His multiple islands in the Juans.
  16. He said during the video he wants to sail fast to safe anchorages and seems to grasp the horse he has picked to ride (boat and crew). I'm w/ the Smackster, I think you always take a chance when you cut the lines and head out but Riley seems to be pretty level headed and who the fuck wouldn't want to have a Rapido in their quiver?????
  17. Man, those but be well trained snakes to go where you want them to. Where do I find some?
  18. Yes, definitely what Steele said. I always carry a complete Jabsco pump assembly on board, Quick and easy to swap out. Currently dealing w/ a broken clamping ring on my holding tank overboard pump (Whale Titan). Fortunately the collateral damage was minimal when it failed.
  19. Amazingly many of us anarchists have survived some bumpy weather in sailing vessels w/ offset hatches and lived to tell the tales. Who would have thought it could be so? I count myself as one of the lucky ones. Of course those lost at sea due to tragic offset companyways are not here to tell their stories. So It Goes!
  20. Wow, boat looks great! I have a secret hunkering for an SC52 but will unfortunately be able to resist the temptation. For sure offshore again I will only go for a FAST passage maker.
  21. Looks like re-inventing the wheel, don't try this at home kids, needs a professional and then balancing.
  22. She don't need no effing life jacket, built in floatation!
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