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  1. As Bob Dylan said, "you don't need a weatherman to know which the winds blowing". I use PW and Windy but it is what it is when it is around here.
  2. Last I saw someone sent me a photo of her in Blaine looking a little the worse for wear. Was a special boat, previous owner had done all the stuff, barrier coated the bottom, refer/freezer engine driven and 110V, re-did the main salon in a much better layout, very attractive hard dodger, removed all the deck hardware and re-bedded. I installed a Dickinson Antarctic for cold climates. Darn, I do miss that boat, lived aboard and sailed her for 12+ years. S/Y "SummeR". Maybe someone will have an update??? Moved off when my former wife said she wouldn't spend another winter aboard, I built h
  3. I used to talk about digging a hole and planting my Cal 2-46 in it but it was too good a sailboat to meet that ignominious end.
  4. Well, tried finding the RJ in Bellyburg yesterday, checked the usual suspect boatyards on the city front and no sign of her (or "it"). Maybe the skipper is waiting to trailer her up after his road trip. Will be back up on Tuesday and ask around some more. Used to be you could find the ferrocement guys and they would know this kind of stuff but not so many of those around anymore. Most of the chicken wire has rusted out and the skim coat on the hulls fallen off by now.
  5. Does Roy Pat sail on the boat these days?
  6. Gomer is truly a small brained wiper of other peoples bottoms! Usually what goes around comes around and he is deserving of a shit storm of comes around.
  7. I use the laundromat commercial machine, put the halyards/dock lines or whatever in a mesh bag, run them once w/ soap and a second time w/ no soap. An OC mate w/ a beautiful Swan pulls his halyards out every winter and shamed me into trying it. Works great, also a good opportunity to end for end halyards etc. Basically what above posters said but go commercial instead of your wife's bra and unmentionables washing machine. Same rule here, I don't do her laundry and she doesn't do mine. I don't own it if it can't go in one load warm wash and hot dry.
  8. My slip neighbors just bought a new Beneteau 38.1, not a piece of wood down below and the owner who has sailed across the Pacific commented that there were no hand rails on the overhead. Guess it is meant to sail gently from one protected harbor to the next so you don't need anything to hold on to. Looked kind of like a cheap trailer "downstairs". The owners were a little sheepish about it.
  9. Go for multiple panels w/ individual controllers for the best result. I installed 2 100w panels last spring and want MORE. W/ the separate controllers if one is shaded the sunny one is pumping out maximum power. Mine are on my dodger so the boom and sometimes mast cause some shading. Can run portable freezer, reefer and instruments/auto pilot with them in optimal conditions but conditions are seldom optimal! Reality bites again.
  10. Solar panel are like cocaine, the more you have the more you want!
  11. I'm 3 1/2 hours by sailboat to Bellingham from the Islands, I will ask around when I am in Bellingham to launch and pick up my boat first of the week and see if I can junior detective any pertinent information to keep the anarchy nation , which I know is on the edges of their seats, updated. If I am able to find the RJ and can get close enough for a spy photo I will sacrifice myself for the greater good.
  12. Just had a presentation by the Dogbark owners (ex RTW boat) about their attempt to go through the NW Passage. When that fell through due to weather and time they sailed Alaska to Hawaii and were going to winter over, some friends were heading to the South Pacific so they changed plans and provisioned and went south. They then sailed back to Hawaii, back to Alaska and down the inside passage to home in the PNW. The big takeaway is SPEED is good and a fast passage maker makes a lot of miles easy. They sailed Hawaii to the Marquesas in under 11 days. Similar passages back uphill.
  13. Calling Rusty Junk, over...I am hauled out in Bellingham and wondering if she has hit the road to her launch site? Hope he is otay, must admit watching the train wreck was entertaining and no fucking fake TBI thrown in for drama.
  14. Yes, that is an expert opinion! Putting new leach and foot cover on my genoa this year and there is actually good sail cloth under it. Not so much w/ OP's sail, that dog will not hunt.
  15. WTF Dude: $88 fucking dollars, are you a for real Yachter? That is nuttin!
  16. I'm in, get well brother man! Spring is springing and the salt air is a great healer.
  17. Oh Man, so fucking sad to see the people who think one got away as they didn't buy MOM. Trust me, I have seen her up close and personal, a true classic of the Origami shit show method of boat building.
  18. I thought you had to start out with 5 million, otherwise you end up upside down by 3 mil.
  19. Well, there goes 20 minutes of my life I will never get back. Time to continue on my own boat cleaning/prepping therapy and appreciate my beautiful Admiral who has a brain and likes to sail. And, no, you will never see us on any social media anywhere anyhow! My life is a social media free zone!
  20. Finally getting to outside boat projects, did some mechanical stuff, got the sails off for misc. repairs, scrubbed the dodger and started on the cabin and deck today. Man, I really needed some boat therapy, have a couple of cruises locally (still not going to be able to cross the cheese curtain into Canada anytime soon) so going to take advantage of one of best cruising areas in the world which is my hood in the PNW. What's up w/ other anarchists plans to cut the lines and get out on the water??
  21. Worked w/ Peter Barrett, a true gentleman, generous to a fault and a fierce competitor as well. Miss those days but have amazing fond memories of too many rum and cokes in Nassau (and other locations), going to a titty bar in Ft. Liquordale where we dragged Brit Chance along one night, not sure he opened his eyes, prepping in Miamarina etc. etc. etc.
  22. Or just butt assed naked! See Chapman's for clarification of proper flag ranking and where and how they should be flown. Oh, see you have looked at Champmans. How about some dowel and duct tape, can run some shrouds out to the rail. I personally favor each flag on it's own staff, ranked by height. On a more serious note you don't want to be thrown in improper flag etiquette jail either, although as officers w/ other officers on board who is going to perform the citizens arrest.
  23. I appreciate his occasional mis-speak Good on him for hanging w/ his teenage love through all the years and good luck on the other side of the bar for less public scrutiny. He was cast in a Royal role early on.
  24. As they say on Dr. Who, RUN!
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