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  1. I want one so I can put it somewhere on my boat to turn back to tiny rust particles. Why can't I develop something like that and lose a lot of money, oh, I figured out how to give everything away, divorce... The Captain
  2. I have a suggestion, Rimas should get a fucking job and finance his own suicide mission.
  3. Was at Gorge Harbor Marina on Cortes Island in Canada today and saw a beat up SJ 24, I did many races on them back in the day and no fucking way would I want to be in the ocean w/ 30 knots on the stern, bow or beam. Good luck but what a bad scene if he takes any rescuers down w/ him for being crazy. Just Sayin!!!!
  4. The Rig looks perfect! The Captain approves!!!
  5. Same thing I was thinking, looks like a museum piece, I am sure it will be fun to get some good old salt water on everything. Really appreciate going along for the ride and can't wait to see her sailing. Please keep the photos coming.
  6. Meant 10' sweeps, trying to HTFU w/ all our rain here. Flying to Desolation Sound on Monday to play!!!
  7. L. Francis Herreshoff, a true master, my Rocinante was a magical boat, not unlike the Francis Lee. Designed to be rowed w/ 1/ sweeps, should sail herself all day. 26' long, 6'4" wide and the bubbles from the canoe stern mesmerizing.
  8. God I love the smell of fresh dacron and bees wax in the morning. As usual the Shattauer boys are doing a masterful job. I am so impressed with the thought that is going into all the little details, a true masterpiece in total!!
  9. Is that a screencap from the next episode of "True Detective"? No problem, I think she will buff out nicely!!
  10. The double ender Tatoosh was owned by Sandy Bill and I we used to cruise with them 50+ years ago in Desolations Sound, different boat. Boo Paschall was Bill Boeing's step son. Had an Owens Cutter named Revenge he did Transpac in that my grand father bought and I grew up sailing on. He then had a Ketch named Kirawan and then had Tatoosh built. As the saying goes, the stories that boat could tell. She is currently in San Diego getting ready for the South Pacific loop, Fiji, Hawaii and home to the PNW. Did many miles on Heather with the famous yacht designer Robert H. Perry, she was blister
  11. Another cool boat, Tatoosh, built for Boo Paschall, a Ben Seaborn design built in Seattle at Vic Frank's. Owned by Peter Fonda for years and now owned by a Seattle owner for 22 years. She is going to do a loop to the South Pacific this summer for old time's sake.
  12. Oooooh, Ahhhhhh, looking better all the time. Can't wait to see the bubbles of the stern when she sails, used to me mesmerized by the wake of my Rocinante (or was that some mind altering substance??)
  13. Reminds me of my Express 37, I really like the look of the backing plates and acorn nuts, used to lie on my back in the main salon and marvel at the beauty of the simplicity. Frankie continues to amaze.
  14. Of course we were great and of course we always won, didn't we??
  15. I am honored to have this "Cool Boat" on my wall above the Intergalactic Headquarters of Corbeau Group LLC (a monkey business business). Bob you are the master.
  16. Yeah Bob: I have many relics of the "old" days hanging around. Man, racing w/ Bob on Brer Rabbit was quite the trip in more ways than one but we had a boat we could beat Mr. Buchan with which was really a treat! I think Ricky's sails had my autograph on the clews for the final QC. Remember when we sailed the first Valiant 40 in Bellingham Bay w/ Nathan? I didn't disavow him of my religious background as he thought we were brothers.
  17. I would like to give a shout out to another "Old Master" Sailmaker who taught a lot of us the trade, Merv Abrams who started Northwyn Sails at Leschi Marina where the Ross brothers held court, I was fortunate to start my sailmaking career working for him. In it's day Northwyn sails were competitively in world championship level sailing and Merv was truly a master craftsman who could do beautiful handwork (finishing) equal to anyone. Northwyn made the move from Portage Bay to Shilshole and for a long time Shattaeur Sails and Northwyn Sails peacefully coexisted on Shilshole Avenue. Kudos to
  18. Just checked marine weather, blowing steady 45 w/ gusts to 60 at Smith Island in the Straits of Juan de Fuca, God Damn! Went to batten down the hatches on the fine sailing yacht "Corbeau"...
  19. The down side of the inclinometer w/ noobs is that if it blowing a hoolie (like it is RIGHT NOW) they look at them as get freaked by seeing how far the boat is healing. On one winter Vashon race I had the owner turn off the wind instruments as we were getting gusts to 60 knots and some of the crew kept saying it is blowing 60. No shit, shut up and hike. The third time a big guy fell on me as I was trying to drive I told him if he fell on me again I would kill him and feed him to the sharks.
  20. Ah, Schatteurs, when I was a kid the Old Master, Franz, worked at Sundy and Devears (spelling??) which was a canvas shop under the Magnolia Street Bridge, he used to come over to Bellevue and do rigging projects on my Grandfather's Owens Cutter, rope to wire splices etc. He wouldn't accept money but loved to have dinner with us. I think getting away from the commercial canvas shop and back to rigging and sail making fed his soul. How things changed and he opened his own shop and became very successful and now his sons Frank and Axel carry on the tradition. I must be getting old... The Cap
  21. I have a suggestion for Tar, shut the fuck up, build your own boat and put a fucking sprit on both ends, maybe outriggers amidships too!!
  22. Holy Amazing Sailboat Batman: I have been following the Frances Lee build, saw her in Hadlock, just did a drive by at CSR today...Way over the top beautiful, graceful, sleek, amazing in person. My great congratulations to Bob and Kim for collaborating and causing this yacht and to all who have contributed. I can't wait to see her sail, she is over the top!!! Pictures do not do her justice.
  23. Kim, Bob and everyone involved in making this happen, too fucking cool for words. L. Francis H. is smiling down on this beautiful long skinny modern double ender. Can't wait to see her under sail, may have to make a pilgrimage south. The Captain
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