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  1. Same time, same place tomorrow. I really hope for some breeze in the teens! Would be nice to see some edge of control sailing. Forecast looks better tomorrow from here (a long fucking ways a way. I can see Canada, eh!
  2. Mc Ivor doesn't know when to STFU,. like when the boats are crossing the finish line. I don't like his bravado and false hype. So it goes, I am not in charge.
  3. Just installed a Balmar SG200 and waiting for it to learn the batteries but it seems like it is the real deal, take a look at it.
  4. Why would you expect Team Prada to use what brain he has when his opening comment is always Fuck Off. I too like the sail changes etc. but that doesn't mean the grinders are insignificant members of a coordinated team sailing the boats.
  5. And...we don't have any idea what all the responsibilities of the various crew members are. Those screens aren't for keeping up on the 5 o'clock news. Even though we are in the thick of the match not many secrets coming out of either team. I commend them for keeping a cap on the info but am fascinated by the details how they fly.
  6. Really happy not to see a drifting match and I expect the sailors are breathing a sign of relief. Will be nice to see some breeze the next couple of days, should answer a lot of questions (or not). Will be an hour later tomorrow clock time but brain time the same. Want Daylight Saving time all year. Tune in tomorrow.
  7. I will try and whore and drink up any cash reserve I have before toppling off the twig.
  8. Game on Baby! Isn't this what we have all been waiting for? Pretty effing great!
  9. Huh? So you thought Spithall drew a penalty on NZ w/ that luff? Have you ever competed in high level match racing? That wasn't even close.
  10. Happy to have SA, live in a FB and Twitter free zone and want to keep it that way. Me thinks some anarchists need to get some kind of life it change in SA is so upsetting to you. Appreciate a forum to share sailing stuff with others in whatever form it comes in.
  11. Fine, Fine, Fine. Learn new tricks you old bitchy dogs.
  12. They should run away as fast and as far as they can even at this point, a can of gas and a match is the only fitting end to that POS. Where the fuck is there money coming from? Talk about pissing up a rope. Surprised they yard crew are willing to risk their lives working under it, at some point it going to collapse into a pile of rubble. Would be better than reducing it to pile of rubble one small rotten piece at a time.
  13. Sarah Palin could see Russia from Wasilla Ak, I can see Canada!
  14. Lots of good firewood and been giving some away to friends and neghbors who need it. Milled some for the house repairs a year and a half ago. Had a really nice spruce log and wondered if Tallyho could use it for a bow sprit.
  15. On Davis Bay, Lopez Island outside Cattle Pass. Look across Mummy Rocks and Whale Rocks to Sequim and PA. Spectacular, the view changes all the time. We face south. The water is always moving, it has been blowing a hoolie up here the last few days, like being on the ocean, totally different than being inside the islands on the water.
  16. Nope, just have a lot of trees on our property that have grown in the last 45 years since the house was built, opening the view to the water and getting light in the backyard. The previous owners had not done any clean up for a long time, bought as is but have waterfront with a view across the Straits of Juan de Fuca from our little island to the Olympic Peninsula. Livee in the NW corner of America.
  17. Hibernated and kept the boat drinks flowing, wait, the boat drinks always flow here. Really looking forward to watching some actual SAILBOAT RACING! Been re-paneling my office and trimming out windows I replaced a year and a half ago, have taken down 15 trees this winter, finished that up too.
  18. It's all an optical illusion, a pigment of the viewers imagination. See whatever you want to, it's all about the angles and perspective.
  19. Yah, I'm a leap year baby so non birthday this year so can celebrate over several days. Turned 18 a year ago, 18.25 this year. Where TF has all the time gone? Scare the shit out of myself when I look in the mirror anymore.
  20. You go girl! Lot of life ahead of you and I am happy you have been bitten by the sailing bug.
  21. Thanks Weta for the smoking shots. Pretty damned impressive, and regarding the delay, dare I say DARN IT! Actually muttering some stronger words under my breath. Had the first race on my calendar for a loooonnnnggg time.
  22. Would love to sail to NZ for the next Cup when all this Covid shit is a bit quieter, not so much sail to Dubai or Qatar. Them's some risky waters. Give me the Pacific Ocean anytime.
  23. Wow, thanks everyone for the mammories. We was something back in the day. Great boats, great mates and great times. I too get sucked into IOR threads. Kudos to the sailors giving Mull boats lots of love too.
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