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  1. We were crossing about 2nm ahead of a bulk carrier at night around Newcastle in a Coffs race a few years ago in a small boat, he was doing 7kn we were doing 15, he was on the radio telling us to take his stern, it was bloody good to have the AIS to paint a clear picture of what was happening and although we didn’t do as he asked I’m sure he was happy he could see what we were doing also. I agree that racing is better if your every move isn’t being shared with the fleet but it’s not just the fleet who benefits from your AIS being on.
  2. 10mins in a 125nm race is not exactly a smashing...
  3. Sorry Peter, Div 1 is OMR without crew weight of 0.9 and above. Boom without crew is 0.908, actually for Geelong the cutoff was lowered to allow Airplay to race with Div 1. You will have to add a fair bit more weight to keep out of div 1 if that's what you want. 900 kg without crew will do the trick. Perhaps a big anchor and chain?Seems the rule treats lighter boats harshly in general. The airplay should never rate below .950 IMO just from looking at the boat with no information. That's an issue with the rule for sure. More weight is often advantageous on the wind..... Trilogy falls into a sim
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