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  1. How does the J111 rate in PHRF against the Beneteau First 40? I noticed the J111 finished behind one in the Newport to Cabo race which was a relatively light air race for their fleet. I was surprised. I expected the J111 to be a rocket off the wind and much faster than the IRC oriented Beneteau. I would imagine the Beneteau will go to weather better and faster around the buoys but thought it would be smoked on point to point ocean races by the new J.
  2. I can only assume that the post by the engine and prop guy about sail area the similarity between the 111 and 125 is in the ratio of sail area to displacement (69%?) as the 125 is a longer boat, with taller rig, and higher righting moment so it must have more sail area than the 111; if one believes the specs online it has +300 upwind and up to +650 downwind. If the comparison holds and the E-glass 111 performs for its size like the larger full carbon 125 it should be in great shape.
  3. My bad. I should have looked at M34 more closely. Nothing down there but 4 berths and a bucket.
  4. It's not so much about knocking the J boats, they're fine boats and have been. It's just that this isn't a big step forward by any stretch. It's a response to the SC37 to protect an existing market. Nothing newsworthy about the J111 though, it's an "evolution" not a "revolution". How is it that the Archimbault M34 is so much lighter and so much more powered up in the specs? If someone is looking for one design potential it would seem between the tour and the specs the M34 is a much more likely candidate. It allso doesn't come with all the options and is made by one boat builder so boat
  5. What the J111 has going for it is the dealer network and repeat buyers. Sad to see this knock off of the SC37 presell 30 hulls if this is true. The SC37 already tried to do too much (being trailerable) but at least the SC37 is looking forward. The J111 has a whiff of fresh thinking but its real appeal is to all the J repeat customers.
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