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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKtvOS0pf_0 Just found it!
  2. Anyone had any luck watching this yet? I can see them on ais (vesselfinder), also the tracker but cant find a live stream or any news?
  3. .... and Bureau Vallee and LinkedOut both at the bottom mark within seconds of each other, 1:30 in the morning. Amazingly close for the five following Charlie, but Apivia is in a class of its own! 77 miles clear.
  4. http://www.defi-azimut.net/en/tracking You're right. Sorry. Apivia still the rocket ship!
  5. Another race. Apivia in the lead - again! - by one and a half miles, with the next seven boats all within the next half mile. Close light wind racing.
  6. Funny, yes. I guess she left it to port on the way there and then opted to leave it to starboard on the way back.
  7. 15:26 and the website results page tells me it hasn't finished yet. Did it actually cross the line?
  8. Awful official tracker. Arkea vanished at 6 o'clock last night and so presumably the leaderboard for line hons and Imoca is wrong and no action to fix it?
  9. I enjoy seeing boats like Rambler and Scorpios competing. Owners may be mega rich and are probably having fun but for me they are not very relevant in high end professional sailing/racing. Imoca 60 is where its at where the best real sailors actually want to be, and Figaro is where you prove you can sail. Those two classes are what I see as the real ocean racers.
  10. Just as the official tracker seemed to improve we now have conflict (on pc) between the line hons leaderboard, the Imoca leaderboard and the actual displayed positions! Hopeless! At least LiveShips is working OK. I am loooking at Arkea, Initiatives, Sailing Poland, etc.
  11. An amazing spread for an Imoca fleet. Apivia rounds Lands End as the tail ender rounds the Fastnet. Never seen anything quite like this before.
  12. Maybe it used to be a fast ride simply because it was too light and fragile? and now it's been repaired maybe its a heavy dog? Until Alex finishes a real race in a boat which he can get to the finish with we won't have a clue if he is still a contender.
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