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  1. Ichi Ban changed masts over today. Assuming going from an offshore stick to an inshore one. Would be nice to have that kind of money.
  2. Where's Ichi Ban staying at the moment. Wouldn't mind taking a good look at her.
  3. Shogun snapped its mast today up in Sydney in the TP52 regatta. I hope Santa has a spare one for them.
  4. There's an article on page 11 of today's Age which state that they understand he recently took his own life. But they seem to be more concerned that his property development may not go ahead.
  5. Man that just gave me a farken headache reading all that. I feel worn out. Hope the rumour's true. Agree FO! Jeez, LPB, did you swallow a dictionary or are you a lawyer? Reading between your way too many lines, stories of SMB3.5 coming to Melbourne after the 2013 Hobart have been doing the rounds for a week or so down here. It's not entered for the Hobart this year, assuming the entry list is up to date. Entries closed on Friday.
  6. "The yacht was sailing with another boat, Wild Oats, when it grounded on the Tamboon Inlet bar and damaged the anchor and keel" How accurate do you think that statement is ?
  7. I agree that the decline of Geelong Week is very sad indeed, but on a positive note I reckon the battle between the 3 newer TP's (Hooligan, Calm2 & Shogun V) should be a ripper. There's only 0.001 between each of them on IRC handicap.
  8. Any updates on the Scarlet Runner situation ?
  9. Perhaps stay away from any of the US Olympic sailing team coaches.
  10. For whom ? Cougar 3 ? Heard a while back its the 2011 Container for Slotty Not up to speed on the other, have been in Tahiti for a week and sfa Melb Big Boat gossip there Cougs 3 makes some sort of sense - not aware of any new players at that end of the game in this town. But what would I know? Container confirmed for Slotty http://www.sail-worl...Australia/96242 So who's the other one for and did I read somewhere it was Bribon ?
  11. From the Herald Sun website. Glad to hear all safe and well. SIX men were rescued when their yacht sunk off Port Campbell overnight. The crew was plucked from the water shortly after midnight when their yacht Inceptioncame to grief in rough seas. A search and rescue mission was launched after the crew made a mayday call for help whentheir vessel started taking on water seven nautical miles off Port Campbell. The crew had been taking part in an ocean race between Queenscliff and Port Campbell. Another yacht taking part in the race was directed to the area and came t
  12. Any news (rumour or fact) on Cougar III ?
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