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  1. OK...It's been almost 3 years since I ordered the Atlas and 2 years since I received the unit ... Countless missed shipping and software update deadlines or 'soon to be released' dates ... Still only does 1/2 of what it was advertised to do. If this was an apple product the company would be sued up the you know what. The hardware keeps me holding on but frankly I'd just like a full refund and be done with it. Move on to the new ProStart or Sail Max. Both delivered advertised features since day one and now more! Really ... no logging? ... this is not earth shattering technology. The orig
  2. Wait for it .... Here comes another .... Swing and a Miss.
  3. Been almost 2 months since the last update. Update was great but added little to address the advertised capabilities of the instrument. Most notably Track Logging. But also VMG to mark or bearing, Custom configuration capabilities, wireless sensors, ... list goes on. Any more promises Jackdaw?
  4. And Days turn into weeks? ... ... ... Turn into? ... ... ...
  5. Hi Jackdaw ... nice update on 2/21 ... any chance an update comes out soon to address the glaring missing feature ... Track Logging? Still lots of other missing features listed on the 'Tech Spec' page but the logging would be a meaningful start on the list.
  6. OK ... Poll: How long should we bite our tongue and sit on our hands for a SW update before we lay into Jackdaw for more misleading assurances of SW updates coming 'soon'?
  7. Page 2: Max vs Atlas display Atlas has a beautiful display. High contrast with clear digits. Plays nicely with polarized sunglasses.
  8. Jackdaw, As a Super Anarchist, I'm sure you knew what you were getting into by jumping in this thread. Basically: False Advertising that sucked us in to purchase (both availability and capabilities) Poor launch with many missed shipping date promises. (rave reviews for the hardware when it finally arrived) No where near the advertised features when shipped Countless missed promises of software updates to address missing advertised capabilities Very poor communication start to finish I think a reasonable timeline of updates and meeting or exceeding the ti
  9. How about starting with the features listed on the Vakaros Website: Functions: Distance-to-line Time-to-line Countdown timer Shift tracking Leeway angle and velocity Heel consistency Stripchart view VMG Waypoints and navigation Data Storage 256 MB integrated storage 100-500 hours (depending on logging rate) Support for wireless Vakaros sensors Adaptive red backlight All display customization is done using the Vakaros Connect App (Android/iOS). Custom pages can be built from a library of widgets. The Atlas can calculate VMG to a waypoint or beari
  10. It's a nice instrument. Does the basics well with a great display. Problem is it's not capable of doing the things they advertise like, Data Recording and Retrieval, Connection to Phone, Connection to Remote Sensors, Night Light, ... They've been promising an update for months (years) to address some of these but ... nothing.
  11. Well...Two new instruments come to market, Sailmon Max and New Velocitek Prostart. Both from proven companies and both delivering features as promised. Where does this leave the Vakaros Atlas? No where near the features they continue to advertise, No data logging, No screen customization, No wind or speed sensor connectivity, No.... Sounded good on paper.
  12. I see a wireless symbol on the bottom of the display. Does it have wireless connectivity?
  13. These look like great tools ... Too bad the Atlas doesn't have the ability to save tracks for off the water analysis like the ProStart or SailMax.
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