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  1. Did ETNZ help Prada to become competative against UK? If so, why?
  2. Has ETNZ increased the amount of windward heel they're aiming for?
  3. I wish doom and unmitigated failure towards Prada. Thanks.
  4. Would have been completely fine if someone let off the leward runner.
  5. Where's the video of the "starling' speed, whatever the fuck that is?
  6. That is clearly the runner. Furthermore, the rigid wing always wins because of the slot. Let that be the end of it.
  7. Perhaps one of them will, but even that's looking doubtful.
  8. Excellent: In 1983 the yacht beat the equally unimaginatively-named American favourite Liberty to take home first place and the Cup, which is rarely used as it is too large to fit in a standard dishwasher.
  9. No, you are quite right. Sorry, it was a totally rediculous suggestion on my part.
  10. I assume Magic are the rightful current holders of the Americas Cup anyway, given Trump is yet to concede the ‘83 contest.
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