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  1. rmb

    what is it?

    foils that dont work very well.
  2. Regardless of your halfassed backpedaling à bit further down, there is always the choice to sell your point by focusing on its positives, rather than being negative about something you are against. As far as I know, you have never even seen Tritium up close, have no idea of its performance against other boats like it, and no real desire to. Another know it all on a discussion board.
  3. Nothing at all except its all original. Still the best racing there is on the west coast and a beautiful surfing machine for going to Hawaii!
  4. Pogo 1 is a spectacular boat, really roomy inside and very quick. Would be easy for a couple and one or two kids to cruise on.
  5. rmb

    what is it?

    Had to run home for my daughter's birth a month early...
  6. The owner is russian. boat is going to be very late.
  7. Spindrift racing has had their mod 70 since the beginning of the circuit, I can't remember but think ther are # 4 or 5. The boat is on the hard mothballed in the parking lot of ther base in la trinite. It's actively for sale. There will be no development for Soldini if I had to guess. He will just sail the boat as is.
  8. The boat is 88 feet long because they picked a maximum draft to work with, and then built an optimum boat for the righting moment that gave them.
  9. Plus they did not have their foils in be cause of the forecast light air
  10. just the foot round hanging over the weather side of the boom. the boom is not flexible, nor bent.
  11. Wow tell / show us more or where to find it. "Race horse" Donald Tofias' new project the W36 I think its called
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