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  1. Great story. In ‘03 I brought the Ross 40 Paddywagon back from Hawaii. Pick up crew of three. Two being a couple. Part way through the trip I mentioned to the boyfriend, “you really get to know someone well on a small boat”. He looked at me quizzically. After we got in we had lunch at the club and he said, “now I know what you meant”. They separated right after the trip!
  2. I have the older Novasail 360 which has a fully gimbaled compass instead of heading by gps and gps speed that we use on my Viper 640. I will not be letting it go with the boat! Here is a little anecdotal experience. First, I’ve never used the ping the ends function on the 360. The boat is small enough, so does not seem worth it. The countdown function is much more useful. Second, I’ve been working as tactician and nav on several different moderately high end race programs for the last six years or so. All running different versions of B&G or NKE systems. Every pre s
  3. I’m in the process of buying a “gasp” powerboat! It has a Raymarine multifunction chart plotter. I will definitely be buying a wind sensor package for it. Should work a beaut in that app. Later on I will be buying a smallish boat for short handed racing. It will not be fitted with any type of Raymarine wind or boat speed package. Their systems are great for cruising sailing and power boating. But if you want true hi res sailing data, IMHO the only systems in the game are from B&G, NKE and A+T. Then Sailmon and Garmin. For sure, the high end systems require care and feeding, that in
  4. It is a sad reminder that we can all be taken out in any given moment. I spent six years racing road bikes (badly I might add!). After my last crash in a crit race and with several broken bones, I realized I had to stop, before it stopped me for good. We take enough risks in life as it is. Heal up well soon, Marc.
  5. Apologies. I mis stated about the crappy app. You need to do an ip search for the nemesis device, then you can open a web page which gives you the ability to control the dimmer and switch the pages remotely IIRC. It is a very limited page in functionality. I have long since left this boat so can’t give anymore first hand experience, other than the Nemesis was truly my Nemesis. Now that said, when it was working, it worked rather well other than, the previously mentioned communications protocol issues. You could display a lot of useful data to the cockpit team and visibility in d
  6. Not in Cabrillo Beach though! They spend stupid money to go 4 knots.
  7. That’s not a saloon. That’s an office. Nice one too.
  8. You’re not involved with Corsair? Quelle surprise.
  9. Well, you sent me back down the mini rabbit hole. I think the trailer launching part could be a pain.You will need access to a hoist and have to rig up a decent single point lift system, I think. That said once you have done it a couple times, should be cake after! There was one mini Proto that was dry sailed in my area (So Cal).
  10. Thanks for getting this back to topic. I’m jumping on the go for it wagon. I’ve looked at several Pogo 2’s. One for purchase, one for race insurance for single handed transpac and then one proto (ok, so not really a pogo), again for insurance. The Pogo and mini’s like it are pretty well put together, nicely laid out and seem to sail well, at least according to the owners. They are also not too complicated. You could probably cover a lot of ground at little outlay in cost.
  11. My name is Doug and I am a tech luddite. Wifi. On the smaller boats I use a TP-link powered by the laptop. Otherwise on larger boats I use the LAN they have. Hands down Team Viewer. https://www.teamviewer.com/en-us/ Get the free version which will only work via LAN.
  12. Lovely display when it worked, horrible when it didn't. Would not display bearing to WP in mag, only true even when displaying the little "m" to supposedly indicate mag! Because it runs via ethernet, the comms protocol with H5000 is different and it never powers up in line with the H5000. The display when dimmed too dark cannot be brought back to visible with out using a crappy I-phone app (that B&G did not know about until I questioned them how to get the display back!). It is not water proof. The display we used got installed in May 2021. About halfway to Hawaii it crapped out. Note
  13. Oh, diddums. You’ll get over it. Possibly even gain some knowledge, as unlikely as that seems now.
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