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  1. Transpac 2021 race recap. Well, it is several days later and a whole island removed and there has been time to mull over the seven day and eight hour race. First off and fittingly so, the last start day is really the big show of the Transpac. All of the gold platers are present and they are not necessarily the biggest boats. Our division could arguably have been considered the most competitive. For us to spot them 8 minutes and 37 seconds was a monumental fcuk up that will not be adequately explained here and really set the tone for the remainder of the event. We could never get into
  2. Still one of the best boats to do a Transpac on. Congrats to Jen for setting the house speed record this year.
  3. A little clip of downwind on the IRC51 FE2. https://fb.watch/6-3etvXpCN/
  4. FE II ex Varuna was designed to the IRC rule. The hull shapes are significantly different between the Pac 52 and the IRC 52.
  5. I would have to say that the Warrior Won wins the award for highest paid and ties for best. They sailed that boat boat at a completely next level. BTW. The WW and the Callisto are Pac 52's. A fairly significant difference from a Transpac (or TP) 52. As an aside, I was onboard the Callisto today. Very jealous of the navigators station. Pretty sure that Nav did not have to wear knee pads.
  6. Looks like todays start still has some Eddy effect South of Santa Cruz. Here and Nam have confidence of some westerly action though.
  7. There is a very good reason to not tack right at the west end. Unless your intention is to drift around Eagle rock.
  8. Oops. Guess you were on runners!
  9. Seriously bad day. Tilt your screen.
  10. Score positive five for appropriate response. Minus several million for misspelling of Fuck-stick. Always a capitol F and hyphen.
  11. I added some colour to the real Transpac thread.............just for you.
  12. Poor teams in Group 8. It took some time but now they're starting to hustle, except for Mikmaks and Nalu, but they'll get going soon enough. So what's the goss with Rufless? I would not expect ORR to be making changes without submitted changes by the owners. 0600 positions:
  13. Nope. Completely up to date.
  14. Simply put; They were used to categorize the different rated lengths of boats to allow them to race at level(ish) ratings. This is likely your best source for the detailed answer. http://rbsailing.blogspot.com/2013/07/the-international-offshore-rule-part-1.html
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