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  1. IMHO it doesn't matter which class is picked. It will still be boring as all get out, unless this bloke is hired to do the commentary.
  2. Wow. So basically they were all for Global Warming before it even became popular.
  3. First off, it is time on time. So the diff is measured in minutes per hour. Next, why aren't you using ORR? Got to think that is the system there.
  4. Very likely one of the best sketches ever. Along with the Cheese shop, Bruce's, Ministry of silly walks, Piranha brothers.......Oh, nevermind.
  5. @shaggybaxter figured it might be motorsports. Good luck.
  6. Alright Dougal. I have to know what this alternative sport is that can be played equally by both the poor and the wealthy.
  7. My favourite short distance race starts 63 nm from my homeport. It's an upwind delivery to the start.
  8. Motor? Drive? Range? I want at least 12 hours at 6 knots.
  9. Put the money up bitch! I mean that in the nicest possible way.
  10. Fuck that shit. I don't know Mark. But, I went in for a ton.
  11. And expensive to repair. I recently worked a claim where the remote docking system on a large motoryacht failed and the yacht T boned itself on the bow of a large cruising cat, completely destroying one of the large hullside windows.
  12. That didn't last long.
  13. I'm going to chime in with my worthless advice only because I actually did re-power a Laser 28. Twice. The previous owner bought it with an outboard hanging off the back. It was a PIA and was damaging the transom. We got rid of that and installed a S280 which is basically a Honda four stroke power head and bottom unit, with a custom fabbed aluminium intermediate housing that sealed the through hull portion and connects the power head to the lower unit. This was a lightweight, quiet engine and powered the boat very well. It had a fatal flaw though as I discovered after I took over own
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