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  1. Nathan was 2nd in the last rece of the nationals. Wonder what's different on his boat compared to the stock mach2?
  2. I think i watched most of the nacra 17 races on tv, but i've only seen maybe one "good" foiling gybe. This boat must be really difficult to sail. Good thing is that a bad gybe is not as costly as it would be on a foiling dinghy.
  3. I don't think that the sound is primarily captured by the onboard iPhones. Judging from my own GoPro footages, the soundtrack would be an annoying mix of ratchet block, wind, carbon squeeking and foils humming, with very little conversation. There were a few dudes with big-ass microphones on powerboats.
  4. Scott turned back after the start to clear an OCS. Replay shows he might not have been over. About a minute before the finish, Scott was a couple of places down in the order, hence second overall. What a race!
  5. I wonder how much of it is due to the accumulated knowledge being shared with the next generation. Especially in the finn where you can customize a few things.
  6. Messed up for sure, but realistically I don't see what sort of redress were the hoping for. Like a different handicap because they have second hand foils?
  7. Skiffs ain't a whole lot more exciting to watch in 6 knots of wind than Lasert though. F50s were fun with just 3 people on board
  8. Ah, cool, thanks! can you comment on the different heeling techniques? Most teams are sailing relatively flat downwind (makes sense), while some others (eg: ARG) are sailing with what looks to be about 30° of heel and the windward rudder way out of the water.
  9. I understand the semi foiling part, not sure about the luffing of the kite though. Are they worried about crossing the waves at a higher angle? Europsort's commentary is quite good.
  10. even the pros don't make that Nacra 17 look easy in these conditions going downwind
  11. I bet it is cheaper than the purpose-made hardware. I wish they would use the wide-angle lens sometimes. Especially on the 49ers where the crew is pretty close to the camera.
  12. I suppose every channel's broadcast is the same in terms of what they show from the races running alongside each other. Is there a way to figure out which events will be televised tomorrow?
  13. That was big yeah. Strangely enough, same top3 in both races though.
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