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  1. Ed It is the Hall of Fame and Museum and yes it’s worth it
  2. There is a transient dock right at the R&R HOF. Get a reservation with Snag-a Slip. we spent 2 nights right there. Pic from the 3rd floor window of HoF
  3. I need to top off my Coolant on a Yanmar 3YM. I do not know what coolant is in it at the moment. 3 It is greenish yellow. I am in a location with limited options Is there a safe coolant that will work until I can get somewhere to do a complete flush & change??
  4. Keysrock thank you for responses and great advice. We are docked down the cut. Let’s hoist one in the next couple days
  5. TYVM What about Bayview yacht club as a stop? Is the CBP waiting to slap the bracelets on anyone who wanders over the line??
  6. I’m sitting in Port Huron getting ready to run the river through lake Saint Clair in Detroit. In these Covid days are there any tips or tricks that I should know while transiting this route. I also need a good stop to meet friends and family and spend a couple of days in the Detroit area. TIA
  7. I used to sail Hobies with Dave back in the day...small world Any chance you have contact info??
  8. We just sold our old boat and bought our new one without brokers or lawyers. We found that in the inventory shortage of the current (Covid) times the brokers did not want to do much except get a cut. Many people overcomplicate these transactions and it costs them thousands. Use common sense and good business practices (put everything in writing) communicate clearly
  9. Good info Thank you! Lets make this interesting...My wife is a USCG Licensed Captain. Can I hire her to deliver the boat? Where do I start to get the paperwork forms etc?
  10. We have purchased a boat in Michigan and need to get it through Canada (the Welland Canal) to bring it to Lake Ontario (US Side). Can anyone point me in the direction of how to go about doing this? We have started speaking to Canada Customs but are also looking for any experiences with this as well.
  11. Have there been any tests of the Gal/SS V the Aluminum Spade anchors of the same size? It would be a significant weight savings on the bow. This chart copied from the Spade website. Length Boat Weight Anchor Model Galvanized & Stainless Weight Aluminum Weight 21 ft. <2,200 lbs. 40 12 lbs. 6 lbs. 24 ft. <4,850 lbs. 60 21 lbs. 10 lbs. 34 ft. <
  12. Are there any huge fundamental differences between any of the high end AGM batteries ie Firefly, Lifeline, NorthStar, Optima etc. There are price deltas and I am curious as to the price v brand value. TIA
  13. My old trailer sailer. Did all over Great Lakes and the FL Keys!
  14. In the process of adding an additional holding tank to an existing system and need advise on the recommended fitting for upgrade. Should another Y or T fitting be installed to join discharge from head and discharge to pump out fitting?
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