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  1. 6 minutes ago, quod umbra said:

    If the Bermuda 40 is in your sights, you might also seek out a Block Island 40 as a possible candidate.

    Agreed on the Block Island suggestion, similar looks but for the same price as a 50/60 year old Bermuda 40 you can have a BI 40 from the late 80/90s which benefits from years of refinements.

    All that being said, I would echo an earlier comment about the sailing performance of these centerboard boats with long overhangs - I used to have a Bristol 40 (same design concept/era/ layout), it was tender, slow in chop and realistically not much room down below.  Great on a nice reach though. 

    I would definitely lean towards the Swan, almost bought one of the 44s earlier this year.  My dad still talks about racing one back in the 70's, has always been one of his favorite boats.   I ended up with an Alden 44 which got me the two-cabin layout, but shoal draft and and a slightly more traditional look.

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