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  1. Harteck was back in the results - his boat was set up for heavy air the whole first day even though we only saw about 12 knots. His rig had less than an inch of spreader rake and his diamonds were off - that wigged out his main luff. Sunday morning he did some tuning and went much better, even though the wind was off, which used to be his Achilles heel. We miss Larry in the cat fleet - he needs to put the big boats away and start going fast again. I only get to see that guy once a year anymore, but every time it's a pleasure.
  2. H16s: 1st Petron 2nd Rex Miller 3rd Jeff Perlmutter (I think?) F18s: 1st Key/Williams 2nd Thomas/Bernier 3rd DeLave/Haubl (I think?) South wins the North/South Challenge. Great weekend, light breezes, lots of free salad in the right-hand corner. Harteck and SBYC are killer hosts.
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