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  1. Once IRC have listened to all the arguments, we are likely to see everything evened out with a dollop of 'rig factor' / 'hull factor' magic
  2. If this is true - they'll soon have a very well equipped SAR coordinator on station...
  3. EPIRB positions can be way over an hour old in open ocean, since the sat must pass over a land receiving station to deliver the message. The AIS will only be Class B and as good as a hand held VHF- line of sight, at sea level, and in 5m waves (which are huge by the way)...
  4. According to this guy, who is still doing 18.7kts, you're okay in the railway sleepers...
  5. Earlier I watched this guy sail out of the ice limit and jump from 5kts to 17kts. Wish I’d zoomed in to see if the jump coincided with leaving the railway sleepers, but guess the 5min rule would have caused an uninterpretable effect (ie. tangent of the line crossing and exit)
  6. Hi TR - thanks for once again putting up the ranking (again, I don't know how you have the time).... Last VOR, I was RIGO - but racing again this time as "Screaming_Eagle" - would appreciate an add to the ranking if you don't mind! Fair winds all, RIGO...
  7. I use Race Master - works well for me. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/race-master-sail-timer-speed/id995452178
  8. It’s sheeted through a block at the end of the mizzen boom and tacked to the weather rail. Another trick is to tack it to a flying block hitched onto the spinnaker brace beyond the weather rail. This projects the luff further to weather and gives further separation from the main. This setup also makes the mizzen spi self trimming in the smaller shifts.
  9. Solent Sunbeam: https://solentsunbeam.co.uk/gallery/
  10. Classic leeward helming pose, Roeland - now all you need is the pipe and white peaked yachting cap...
  11. My father (in his late 70s) hoisting the mizzen as we led the middle sea race on handicap through the straights of Messina in the middle sea race.
  12. Hi Fred,

    All okay in Singers ?



    1. RIGO


      Hi Mate. 

      All good here thanks. Warm sun and fair breeze. 

      How are you guys?


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