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  1. Very true, so I guess someone in peak condition at the top of their game is poor example for kids watching? Try and catch the right end of stick next time you whinny bleached POM. When does INEOS pack up their 5ktsb?
  2. I thought BAR signed up for the poodle last time(?).
  3. Think you're missing the potential.
  4. With a $122b State debt, made official after the election of course, how good is that!
  5. And yet you can't control COVID. Try again.
  6. The AC World Series you say, oooooh...
  7. Ah a details girl, poor joinery me thinks.
  8. Yes but at 43 he's too old, as is Spitball, this is young bloke's game Burling, Tuke, Outteridge...
  9. The only forward planning required.
  10. Should come in handy if they ever need to launch from the beach.
  11. I don't think they really need to worry about the wind range in March.
  12. Who has been hurt or killed sailing AC75s? But yes definitely the go in light air.
  13. Why is the problem team specific? Did INEOS design and install their own system/software and now that it's not functioning Ben wants all the teams to help them sort it out? But how the fuck do you spend three years to get to this point? After yesterdays gong show Ben has lost any psychological advantage he had with his petulant child, sculling 'it's not fair' attitude in the presser, pretty clear he's under pressure and fragile. They have about 3-weeks to get competitive, take out Xmas/New Year downtime and it's probably closer to 2-weeks. They're simply gone, now who will stand up
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