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  1. Many of your posts are in breech of the Veterans For Peace Code of Conduct, more specifically 5. We will not assault, verbally, in person or online, anyone, to include fellow members and those who oppose or disagree with us, even if they assault us. This does not preclude a member’s right to defend him or herself against a physical attack. 12. To achieve the above goals, we will also engage in 'active listening,' that is fully concentrating on what is being said rather than just passively 'hearing' the message of the speaker.
  2. Looks like the loud mouth Canadian isn't too popular out West. I'm sure she's capable of a happy ending but this might not be it. Blow-in’ Keneally’s vote collapses in Fowler - Labor MP Kristina Keneally’s primary vote is collapsing in Fowler according to new polling that reveals voters are turning to independent candidate Dai Le.
  3. So the ABC have the ALP as a centrist conservative party. I think that makes the ABC a tad irrational. I'm actually really looking forward to an ALP Govt, lower cost of living, $250 cheaper power, lower cost of housing and a pay increase to boot. Where do I sign?
  4. The Greens voted against the Rudd's carbon pollution reduction scheme, which as resulted in an extra 218 million additional tonnes of carbon pollution (as to 2019). Why do you vote for a party that is against reducing carbon emissions?
  5. Angry? Far from it. Look, I'm sure you're a wonderful human being who loves to drop into Emundi Markets on the weekend in your modified WRX, usually a Ford Ranger, the 3.2 diesel version is the weapon of choice for the Green mummies down that way. I'm sure it's wonderful exercise buying your organic sourdour loaf and natural bees wax deodorant before ambling across the road to have an organic soy latte, and discuss the finer points of how your roof top collected water doesn't contain all the nasty gender altering chemicals of municipal town water, and how good your veggies taste because t
  6. Fuck I love this place. This why 6 months from now Australia will have buyers regret. https://worldpopulationreview.com/countries/countries-by-national-debt You're welcome.
  7. You must be the stupidest person in the room, but I guess you knew that already. Rather than follow the usually COALition crap let's look at the facts. The QLD State LABOR govt had the final sign off on ADANI (now called Bravus, but I guess you knew that already), this was completed in less than 10 working days. Anna is more than a little keen on State royalties as a means of propping up the budget, which is ~$180b in deficit. Additional to this, there are four other mega coal mines also proposed in the Bowen Basin, Albo has already publicly stated that Labor will approve these
  8. I'm sure they are privileged, given that national debt in Greece is north of $400 billion USD, the basket case of Europe.
  9. Albanese refuses to rule out NDIS cuts. Asked if he would cut health, education or NDIS funding, the Labor leader bit back, admitting lingering Covid effects. It's all a little bit more difficult when when your asked for a commitment.
  10. You're a brave, brave man!
  11. Mate, I take it you're not on the 'Team of 3.5 million'? The public housing program that was going to build 1000 new affordable houses was a typical socialist doozey. How many did they actually end up completing, 50 or so? Given the program was allocated $800m that works out to be $16m a house.
  12. Right with you on that. Albo is there because he's someone the left and right factions could agree on, I wouldn't describe him as clueless but definitely bordering on incompetent. Even now the independent costings show Labor has a $1.6bn budget blackhole which includes a $500m bid to host a climate summit in 2024.
  13. Single frames can never be taken out of context, can they?
  14. They really need to keep Albo in isolation and away from the press. Anthony Albanese was secretly handed notes by an advisor in the middle of a press conference when he he struggled to outline one of his key policies – just hours after insisting he knows what he’s doing in a fiery TV interview with Ally Langdon. In another car-crash run-in with journalists on Thursday morning following his day one campaign gaffe, the Labor leader could not outline his six-point plan on the NDIS when asked. He could only say ‘we will put people a the centre of the NDIS’ before one reporter shouted: ‘Y
  15. Anyone else won SailGP? Jimmy held the award for largest ego prior to Bermuda, it seems Bermuda coupled with Auckland gave him a large dose of humility.
  16. That the truth. Flew the ditch 15 years ago now, best decision I ever made. Went back a 5 years ago, will never happen again.
  17. Yeap, and kill negative gearing, dead. Part of the reason Shorten lost last time was his negative gearing stance, but hard to argue the evils of negative when you hold three investment properties. Likewise Albo, and pretty much every MP. Kill State Govt stamp duty which is simply outdated archaic theft.
  18. And you seriously believe Liberal Lite will be different? The Libs have been in Govt for 9 years, 'not decades'. Rudd/Gillard/Rudd had two terms and left nothing but chaos and waste. I remember my parents paying high double digit mortgage rates during the late eighties, under a 'progressive government', lets hope history doesn't repeat.
  19. Does Mikey know about this?
  20. Love the fact they just keep driving.
  21. Albo will definitely win. Remember, the cost of living, vehicles, housing, healthcare and energy, will all be cheaper under Labor and we'll also get a wage/salary increase. Numpties buy this shite over n over. But, it will be a one term Government given what's been 'promised' can never be delivered on, they will get absolutely hung on this in 2025. The next three years is going be challenging on the economic front and no Govt anywhere can reign it in. Even the leftwing darling in NZL has 6.1% inflation and a runaway OCR currently at 1.5%. This just might be the election to lose and re-gro
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