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  1. Who really cares anymore? Vax rates are over 97%, well here in Australia at least. The anti-vax groups are still banging on about, 'the hoax', 'the grand medical experiment', and 'the dormant killer nanobots' but really who fucking cares? I actually listened to one of their public outdoor community gatherings a couple of weeks ago, best free comedy show I've seen in quite sometime. The simple point is the intelligent are vaccinated, the unintelligent are not. May as well go outside and shout at the clouds.
  2. See that's the problem with you 'I've always voted Labor, my dad voted Labor and my Dad before him' types, you can never look at something in unbiased independent manner. A basic situational analysis clearly shows that Wellcamp was a waste of $190m. This when 'data obtained from state parliament has revealed Queensland’s ramping rates – where patients wait more than half an hour in an ambulance to get admitted – are the highest in the country'. But that's acceptable to the Deputy Premier because it's only 4 minutes above Labors 30min target. Just last week a 73 year old fell and suffered
  3. "These [dedicated quarantine buildings] are the types of facilities that we should be looking at to ensure they're fit for purpose and keep the virus at bay." https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-06-06/nsw-government-welcomes-federal-hotel-quarantine/100193822 And Anna started building 'Wellcamp' in early September last year, an agreement with the Wagner Family which was not publicly released and is still blocked from release. The Wagner Family also built the international airport at Toowoomba (which is yet to receive an international flight), obviously no conflict of interest
  4. Perhaps, but I think it's got more to do with the technological superiority of the weapons they are receiving from NATO/US.
  5. Ya thunk. Plenty of stupid on both sides, specially in Merica.
  6. Well it's +100km from Brisvegas, so can't be used for student accommodation and doesn't look like it can be repurposed into public housing. Another quality project delivered by QLD Labor.
  7. Ease up sir, he'll be deeply offended next.
  8. Are they mutually exclusive?
  9. You're also prone to making statements of the obvious.
  10. You sir, are a very perceptive individual. arnold oliver 04/14/2018 at 12:58 pm But it should be pointed out that it was NOT just the CIA that was involved in torture (don't know why people keep doing that). Please do not give the US Army a pass: their torture was both more brutal and more widespread than the CIA's. All the branches of the military were involved, as were many private contractors.
  11. Sounds very creditable given that, Basher lacks respect, and I've never seen anyone motivated to leave a successful team to join an utter train wreck.
  12. Perhaps, but if said club fails to be deterrent and you're not willing to use said club, what use is it?
  13. Yeap, and it will rain at 13:47:31 on a Friday in June.
  14. Yeap, $190m of waste, I wonder how much the ongoing maintenance/cleaning etc will cost us?
  15. Let me guess, stainless steel appliances.
  16. Looks like team ISIS is back.
  17. My wife never buys me any presents like that.
  18. Yeah cause of both you have extensive (+30 years) national and international military experience to draw from right?
  19. So Albo has COVID, who do they wheel out now? I presume that working class hero Richard Marles ex Geelong Grammar old boy (at $45K per year), has just got the call up.
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