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  1. Yeah cause of both you have extensive (+30 years) national and international military experience to draw from right?
  2. So Albo has COVID, who do they wheel out now? I presume that working class hero Richard Marles ex Geelong Grammar old boy (at $45K per year), has just got the call up.
  3. Given that he's in the retail game I would doubt it. Wouldn't be the best look.
  4. Queensland coal is about 8 years away from the runway to economic collapse, hence why Rio and BHP divested or ring fenced all coal projects several years ago. Recent modelling from ANU predicts Chinese demand for Australian thermal coal falling to 30-40 megatons in just 3 years, down from 50 megaton in 2019. There'll be lots of cheap housing/boats/cars/utes/toys etc up this way in a few years and the ~$150k salary for digging up fossilised wood for 6 months of the year will begin to dry up.
  5. Off course she is, she manages to get her colleagues to leave the Senate feet first.
  6. Oh come on, Albo spend up large at Rivers especially for this campaign. Not sure if the blue accessory has a daily rate or charges by the hour.
  7. So, after six ficken years of banging on about Jobseeker they're just going to leave it alone? And now we have Albo confirming that an incoming Labor government would not stand in the way of the four new mega coal mines planned for Central Queensland. Was this included in Labors 55% carbon reduction target? Does Albo teach Hypocrisy101 or is just mandatory for all ALP members? Haven't heard much from the Chinese assassin, have they put her on ice with the loud mouth Canadian?
  8. Yeap. I don't mind a massive tax hike on the Uber rich, on the understanding that revenue raised would truly fund something of a worthwhile nature, rather than just being poured into the general fund. About time mining royalties were hiked as well. I could be persuaded to vote Green if as you say they focused on environment/sustainability, the feeling you get is that the Greens are home for the far, far left.
  9. I think they're just checking with Mikey first as to whether Russia has right of veto.
  10. This must be the ultimate walk back, Labor has spent years banging on about jobseeker and now 'JobSeeker rate to remain untouched after election after Labor ditches plans to review it'.
  11. Can't wait for Australian coal production to drop when Albo gets in, I assume he's OKed this with 'the floods are due to climate change' Anna?
  12. Take a leaf out of Anna's book - the floods are due to climate change, for Christ sake dig up more coal we need the royalties.
  13. Digging deeper it seems. Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese says he “knew yesterday” the official cash rate and unemployment figures, but had “gone blank". " "I knew it yesterday, I just went blank, but you know I fessed up, put my hand up and said that it was a mistake. I was concentrating on other things, but I’m not making excuses." So Albo is having 'going blank' moments, going to be fucking interesting if he meets with Biden.
  14. I don't think it's that much of an expectation for a (potential) leader to know what the key indicators of the economy are and the general trends of those indicators. The most ridiculous part of this is that he was spruiking housing affordably and employment in Tassie and he doesn't even know the metrics that affect these areas. So, he either doesn't understand the linkages involved, or he (and his team) can't adequately prepare for a simple presser, either way that's concerning. His post comment reaction was even more concerning. On top of that a couple of weeks ago we had the budget, to
  15. Well I can assure you of one thing, the wider world is watching this, and it's abundantly clear that this process is a pointless fucking zoo. Personally I fail to understand the type of personally that would vote for a dim witted village idiot like Ted Cruz.
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