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  1. Closed, was solved by azj.
  2. I think you have that the wrong way around.
  3. There's probably a great deal an old navy vet like Mike can't talk about.
  4. So given that 1.5 million have been displaced, the indiscriminate killing and targeting of civilians, and now Putin is importing Syrian mercenaries for coming street battles, what do you suggest? Sit down over a warm cup of chamomile tea to talk about our differences? The time is now or not at all.
  5. It's time to push the go button, 1.5 million displaced, women and children killed, indiscriminate shelling and now Putin is bringing in Syrian mercenaries for forth coming street fighting. Putin has just internationalised this war. Germany still sucking on Russian coal, oil and gas and refusing to ban Russian energy imports - fucktards.
  6. Yet clearly you do, better starting arguing with self.
  7. I call bullshit on that. Cite or it never happened.
  8. We often run down and shoot any person of colour we find walking through the neighborhood.
  9. Well summerised, the longer this is allowed to go on the the larger the problem becomes and the higher the price to be paid.
  10. Well we did commit to your Afghanistan 'project'. The strategic and orderly withdrawal certainly was an achievement.
  11. I doubt the oligarch that paid for it and drives it is the actual owner, it's probably owned by company that sits downstream of 10 or so shell companies. So proving that a nasty Russian bastard owns it, which is obviously needed to seize it, might be more difficult than we suspect.
  12. That's about right, I think Team New Zealand did some early work on this and the UV breakdown stabilizes after 4-5 years or so(?). I have 6mm dyneema for runners and backstay, replacing 5mm SS, change it out every 3-4 years.
  13. Like many academics, or should I say in your case, retired academics, it's not that you don't listen, you're just deaf.
  14. Really? I would likely fold you in half when it comes to publications in high ranking-high impact journals of one's field, but this isn't some Faculty big swinging dick competition. The world outside of academia doesn't have the slightest interest in 'publications', and publications do not qualify you as being an intelligent or innovative individual. What you have demonstrated here is that typical academic air superiority where you incorrectly believe that 'your contribution and opinion' is worth more than most. Academics know a lot about very little.
  15. These guys should be on the payroll.
  16. Dude looks like a lady!
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