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  1. If Skip Novak uses roller furling I guess it’s OK on my boat.
  2. I have a Harken furling system and lots of ocean miles on it. I carry a 100, 110 and 130% all roller furling. I almost never put up the 100 or 110. If the wind is blowing to the point I need to reef I roll it in completely and sail on the staysail and reefed main. The Monitor wind vane works very well with this set up. And I don’t break anything.
  3. Has anyone used a reefing hank on jib. It was on an old ranger I used to race?
  4. Sailing from Spanish Wells to Bond Cay Berries
  5. Hanging out in Bond Cay Bahamas haven’t seen another boat in a week
  6. We got our Covid-19 test in the the parking lot of Coconut Grove Sailing Club. It was like a drug deal car drives up man gets out, gets test out of his pocket, swabs our nose takes our information and drives off. The next morning we get email that we test negative. Load that up to Bahamas web site. Sail overnight to Bimini, clear customs and immigration present the test results. If you didn’t print the results out they will do it for you at $2.00 a copy. Next set up your five day test at the clinic. For the next 14 days you will receive a survey by email that you must fill out on line. Buy the
  7. Osprey is on a mooring in Coconut Grove Sailing Club. We have a mobile COVID test today meeting us at the club house. Results in 24 hours sent to our email then we load that on the Bahamas website and get permission to enter. You have five day to enter from the time you take the test. Hope all goes as planned, we will be entering at Bimini. Staying at Big game club. Foggy morning today
  8. 80 degrees in the day. 72 degrees at night. Water temperature 78.5
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