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  1. Disagree. Pick a spot where the winds and waves are flukey as hell, and set a course where obstacles and currents need to be negotiated. The PNW in April or November comes to mind. Then open up the box rules. Want to bring your lightweight, solid sail, foiling marvel? Great, lets see how she does in 6' seas with howling winds! Maybe something a bit beefier to handle any conditions? Have fun when the wind dies to a whisper and the currents have their way with you. Now THAT would be an interesting AC!
  2. Jean, there was a rumor a while back that you (or someone) was writing a book on Rimas's adventures, true?
  3. Yup. The earth isn't dying, she'll be just fine. It's the human species that's just a flash in the pan on this rock, and once the earth has rid herself of our presence she'll just continue evolving. We're so vain to think we mean squat in the grand scheme of things.
  4. Close SloopJon, I rebuilt this engine for my daughters sailboat. She chose the colors. Here she is sailing her boat:
  5. Yeah, but you could get them recapped, remember that? Good lord, it's a miracle any of us survived that era!
  6. It's hard to say I love you when you're sitting on my face The words come out all muffled, could you sit some other place - Marty and the Mufftones
  7. Cool concept, but here's how I see it playing out: There will be a mix of racing sleds and cruising slugs, and everything in between. Some will actually pay the $550 entry fee, but many will just tag along. The racing sleds will complete in a couple days, but the cruisers will be a different story. Many of them will tire of the monotony and drop out along the way. Others will stop at every port for a beer, a hot meal, and a calm night in a slip, and take the full 2 weeks to get around. In the end, it will be a mish mash of who entered, who really raced, who really finished, who did the w
  8. Went to a movie at a theater for the first time in many months. We saw "Let Him Go" with Kevin Costner and Diane Lane. A lot of slow action for a minor plot line. Seemed like a typical made-for-TV movie. But I think we've made a big switch since the whole Covid shut down. Prime movies are going to streaming channels, and the ones that don't make the grade go to theaters.
  9. "Perhapth I thould wephwathe the quethtion, may I thee her wun awound a widdle bit?"
  10. wristwister


    I'm sure she had hope in her soul.
  11. Sounds like a fun itinerary. Some comments: Day 1 Anacortes to Blakely Island You're right, absolutely nothing to do at the Blakely Island Marina. There's even no trespassing signs bordering the marina so there's really nowhere to go. But ... still an excellent stop, especially for your first night. Picturesque, low key friendly marina with a cute little store that serves beer, ice cream, pizza, and great breakfast burritos. I assume you'll be leaving Bellingham mid-day, so you won't get there till evening. But if you can leave earlier, I recommend a stop at either Eagle
  12. Looks like about an 8000 gross 2 axle trailer. Any guesses on what that boat whatever weighs? I'm looking forward to learning what he plans to pull it with.
  13. Easy now, I didn't mean to imply any such thing. I realize you didn't make this chart on your own, but rather found it on the interwebs. I was just making a general observation about chartsmanship.
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