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  1. Just got back from Cabo. We ended up bargaining with a guy at the dock for a Dufour 47. Beautiful boat, 10 of us on it, plus 3 crew (Pancho the skipper, Jose the margarita maker and 1st mate, and Maya the picture taker). Absolutely fantastic day, and even a nice sailing breeze. Pretty much did everything you can do in Cabo on a boat, with the exception of catch fish (had one rod out). $500, and well worth it. Gotta say, even though I wanted to skipper my own boat, it was mighty nice just kicking back and being served.
  2. 2nd vote here for poling out your jib for wing on wing. I use my strut for that all the time. Then put a preventer on the boom and you've got like +/- 10 degrees downwind you can maintain wing on wing.
  3. Hawks sure squeeked that win off the Bucs! The game was pretty much won by an OT coin toss. Say, anyone need a kicker? Hawks may be trying to offload one cheap!
  4. Man, this build is just the gift that keeps on giving! Just out of curiosity, has there ever, in the 1000 years of sailing vessel design, been a boat designed with an enormous rectangular through-hull for repairing the rudder underway? Should one of us alert this guy that a simple stern hung rudder would accomplish the same thing?
  5. Agreed, sailing out of La Paz would be better, but Cabo to LaPaz is a couple hours by car, a few hours by bus, and tacking that on to a day of sailing may not be practical. I understand that the sailing out of Cabo is a bit dull, but for this gang, just getting out on a boat for a few hours, a bit of sunning, swimming, drinking and snacking, will be glorious. The actual sailing hardly matters. I do see a couple charter companies that have sailboats in the range I'm looking for, although they're all skippered. I'll contact them to see what it would take to bareboat.
  6. Going to Cabo in a couple weeks with family and friends. I'd love to rent a 25' to 30' sailboat for a day and take them out. Bareboat, I don't need a skipper. Everything I see on the interwebs search are either bigger luxury boats or mandatory skipper. Anybody have any ideas?
  7. I own a charter boat with Anacortes Yacht Charters (but it's a power boat, yes I swing both ways!). I've also chartered a sailboat from San Juan Sailing. Both excellent companies with great boats and great customer service. One advantage of chartering out of Anacortes is that you're right there, in the thick of the San Juan Islands. On your first and last charter days, you don't spend the entire day just getting to/from the islands like you would out of Bellingham. One advantage of chartering out of Bellingham is it's easier to get to and from, with the airport right there. Any
  8. OK, I've just caught up through the last several pages of this highly entertaining thread. As I was scrolling through, I repeatedly had the urge to scream "Doesn't this guy know that his telephone pole mast has deep spiral cracking all the way from the base to the tip?". But then I saw his last video, got it taken care of with saw dust and bondo. My confidence in this build is now fully restored.
  9. OK, my vote for crimes against humanity: Whoever it was back in the 70's/80's who thought they could pull this country into the metric system by mixing metric and SAE hardware on the same cars.
  10. Ad Astra spoiler alert (it's OK, you really don't want to see this abortion of a movie anyway) Here's all you need to know about this flick: Brad Pitt flings himself off a rotating radar thingy with the perfect trajectory to send him exactly to another far away spaceship. Along the way he passes through the planet's asteroid belt, fending off the asteroids with a metal door he tore off before getting flung. 'nuff said.
  11. Let's hope their patent application doesn't get approved. We'll all owe them a quarter every time we take our boats out!
  12. Go here: https://moyermarine.com/ Moyer has everything you could ever need to maintain your A4. I did a full rebuild on the A4 in my daughter's T30 with parts and advice from Moyer (pic below, yes she wanted it painted pink and teal). And you'll want to join the forum (click the "Visit Our Forum" button). Any issue you ever have with the motor can be addressed there.
  13. Congratulations on buying a great boat. You probably know this already, but you now need to become a member of the Moyer Marine forum. Great resource to keep that old WW2 tractor engine running.
  14. Hey now, we consider alcoholism to be a "disease" right? Then it only stands that hangovers are a symptom of that disease and should be treated like an illness. In a similar fashion, we now consider obesity to be a disease. Shouldn't cupcakes and rocky road ice cream be covered by insurance as a symptom of that disease?
  15. A little late to the game here, but I'll throw in my $.02. I've owned my T30 about 8 years now and between racing and cruising I've put many many miles under the keel. Steele pretty much covered the basics above, I'll add a little. You mentioned a 5X5 soft spot on the deck. Look at what's above and below that soft spot. If it's in the area of the chain plates that would be bad news and cause for further investigation. As Steele mentioned, that starboard chain plate is a weakness in T30s, and if that goes so does your mast! Regarding that Atomic 4. I think they're fantastic
  16. Once upon a time in Hollywood ... liked it, 3 snags. As with most Tarantino flicks, if you're looking for story line and sequential activity that makes sense you'll be quite disappointed. But if you just kick back, relax, and don't think it through too hard, you'll be absorbed in the great acting, dialog, and scene development.
  17. wristwister


    As told by my teenage nephew during last weeks sailing trip: How does a quadriplegic turtle cross the road? Take the F out of Way
  18. Never sailed a Yankee 30, but my understanding is it's basically a Tartan 30 but 1 foot narrower beam. I and my daughter both own Tartan 30's and I just can't say enough about these great old tubs. I assume the Yankee 30 (also an S&S design) is equally great, but perhaps with even better sailing characteristics due to than narrower beam. If I'm correct about that (I'm sure someone will come by to slap me down shortly if I'm not), then 2 weak areas to be on the lookout for: Chainplate attachment on the starboard bulkhead. If you see flexing/cracking on the deck at the chainplate, or s
  19. So ... you want to post a picture in your ad showing the sails. Why wouldn't you spend the extra 20 seconds to haul the main up that last couple feet and unfurl the headsail that last rotation?
  20. I really got a kick out of Vice. Although the mere mention of that flick might get this whole thread kicked over to PA!
  21. The thing about Whistler/Blackomb is they've got tremendous vertical and terrain facing just about every direction. No matter how bad the snow conditions are, you'll be able to find the best of it there. Upper mountain will have good cover no matter how measly the snow fall has been, if it's icy you can ski the east facing slopes in the morning and west facing slopes in the afternoon and keep your edges dug in all day. If you're intent on skiing the PNW and you're concerned it might be a crappy winter, Whistler's you're best bet. And iff the skiing absolutely sucks, you just spend your days ge
  22. Smoking, yes. Ignorant and low class. I can't see any way to justify it otherwise. Tattoos ... well that depends on the tattoo and reasoning. I agree that in many cases the tats I see are self destructive and limiting. However, I can't be too judgmental on tats as I have one. It went something like this: It was a week long sailing trip through the San Juans with my wife and two girls. Toward the end of the trip we saw this gorgeous view of glacier capped Mt Baker framed between two islands, with a sailboat in the foreground. My youngest daughter, the artist of the family, whipped out her
  23. Lots of fancy expensive solutions being suggested here to build a 20 foot light duty bridge in a forest of tall trees. How about this: drop 2 logs across the span, lay slats across them, build up some dirt/gravel at both ends ... and shazaam! You got a bridge!
  24. ^^This^^ Made these up for both my boats. Lowes/Home Depot even sells the 4" pipe in 2 foot sections, which fits 3 canisters perfectly. Drill some holes in the bottom cap for venting. Crew ask me where I got my fancy propane holders. After I tell them they're only $269 at West Marine, I come clean and tell them less than $10 at Lowes will do the trick.
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