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  1. IIRC Vaeredil was a youngster that flew down from Canada to do a coastal cruise with FF on a beach cat, but, as you said, FF ghosted him. Vaeredil made the most of his trip by crewing on an anarchist boat in Sf and then touring the CA coast. There was a very experienced, generous Anarchist in Santa Cruz that helped FF tremendously, but I can't remember his name and don't want to take the time to find it in the thread. That said, the Santa Cruz Anarchist deserves mucho respect for the amount of time, effort, and money he contributed to try and help FF survive his ignorance, as does the SF ana
  2. What pictures? Pics or it didn't happen
  3. so a trimaran with lead instead of the 2nd and 3rd hulls? SMH
  4. credit: Bill Mattson, local Prindle 19 sailor aka: Catsailor Bill on Youtube. I hosted a Weta Swarm last April. Bill offered to video it, so the weekend before we did a test run which resulted in this video. Unfortunately, the following weekend Bill's drone suffered a mishap and he wasn't able to get any footage of the Swarm. We are still hoping to get drone video of the Weta in some serious winds and seas in the future.
  5. uh, oh boys, I am about to toss my cookies
  6. Pics or it doesn't exist
  7. Are you all asking dg to cite his source? What a novel idea.
  8. Excellent book that explains it all is The Fatal Shore by Robert Hughes. I really enjoyed the book and found Australia's early history fascinating, but, also brutal.
  9. Been there, seen that, never want to do it again.
  10. RedTuna made a valid argument that the Weta is a "gateway boat." True, but for me, an aging boomer, the gate has swung the opposite way. I have done and continue to be an OPB racer on various bigger boats, both multihull and monohull. But, I can't afford any of those boats. Although the initial cost of the Weta is significantly more than a used beach cat, it is an easy, simple and affordable way to have some thrilling sailing on my own boat, whenever I want (and the weather cooperates, which, fortunately, around here, is often). I keep mine assembled, near the ramp, so it is very easy to
  11. Hey, I am 65+ and love my Weta precisely because it is very thrilling, especially 3 sail sailing downwind in strong winds and big seas. And, one gets the thrill without trapezing. In fact, I find the Weta to be very comfortable and ergonomic for a small boat. The most thrilling boats are gonna be wet. But, I suspect there is no love for the Weta in this thread because it is strictly a single hander. Weta performance suffers greatly if you load it up with people or any other source of extra weight.
  12. Maybe FishFood can help him out
  13. And you did a damn good job. The cleats never ripped out of the decks, but the backing plates you used were definitely flexing the decks upwards.
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