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  1. Thx Herman for this projections, but with Bestaven being without bowsprit and no possibilities to carry gennaker and spi, I doubt that a 105% polar is right and should probably de downgraded.
  2. Could we stop with this fantasy about F1 engineers bringing a definitive surplus? If the AC75 had wheels maybe that would be of real higher interest. Unfortunately they are boats that foils and float from time to time: naval architects and air engineers. That's what you need.
  3. From an interview in Tip&Shaft of Benjamin Muyl (Chief ingeneer of INEOS) and Martin Fischer (PRADA): The idea is to have a clean aerodynamic flow rather than a lift.
  4. Its fuel tank ripped off and was leaking. He had to use pieces of a cushion (initially used for stretching) to fix and re glue everything.
  5. Regarding Escoffier: The way is dealing with it, is already super impressive. For Beyou: problem with its main sail traveler and hitting something with one rudder.
  6. “Carbon boatbuilders hate him!! Discover this 5 $ weird trick from this ingenuous boater.”
  7. There is indeed a courtesy flag: Montenegro on the Adriatic.
  8. Laurent Bourgnon from switzerland won the Solitaire in 1988... yet he was native french speaking.
  9. Both, I would say. Given the faith placed in the sims to predict, they might have higher targets which appeared to correspond with the speeds they observed for their opponents.
  10. No clues for me (only forums and social media material) in terms of raw data. The only thing that I heard (and confirmed elsewhere) is that Britania is not at the level expected.
  11. What is more annoying to me is that we will continue to speculate for months on the speed and vmg advantages from one or another team, while the various teams are already well aware of how they are doing compared to the opponents. Reminds me of a story from the 33rd when the Nivelleau, on water spy-couple of Alinghi, gave a very early feedback (while the cat was still in the UAE?) on the huge gap between dogzilla on Alinghi in favor of US17. Maybe it was Peyron telling the story, but at that point the Swiss were seriously depressed and the cup was considered as almost certainly los
  12. Lipinski-Picault-Beccaria-Gahinet Mini dream team!
  13. It just means going full throttle. The origin must be dating back to the times of steam machines: throwing more wood logs at the heater (or boiler) might have end up with a greater velocity. edit: the expression founds its origin in Basque Country games when participants need to throw logs as far as possible....however the origine of “envoyer du steak” remains obscur.
  14. For anyone who would have missed it: An interesting interview of Terry Hutchinson for Tip&Shaft Lot of insights about foils, days on the water, conception, crew...
  15. Could be Rio Madeira from Hamburg Sud company (definitely the red color is from an hamburg sud container ship). Left Tauranga Harbour yesterday (the container cranes seems similar in size and color) Marine Traffic Position RIO MADEIRA
  16. I tried a little calculation (which might be completely wrong) for the last vid between those two points: - 4"32.13 and 4"33.57 so 1,44 second Considering that the second position (4"32.13) was corresponding to the point where the stem was viewed from approximately a 90° angle I tried to find the frame where the end of the bowsprit was presenting the same alignment with a point on the horizon (in this case it was two buildings) and found 4"33.57. Not knowing what was the angle of rotation of the lens/cameraman, I had to neglected this aspect. Based on the design rul
  17. See also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7jAxLsk6zg&feature=youtu.be And the detail of the foil: https://oliviersuire.com/Hydrofoil
  18. Luc Armant reflexions :a model of a "massless boat" aiming at speed record : a kite drags a submarine hydrofoil. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tEw_mlUh7g&feature=emb_title
  19. @Rasputin22 I agree with you. Working with Rhino for 10years in the context of traditional wooden shipbuilding and maritime heritage, I can say that it's the perfect tool for this specific work (and cheap and customizable with plugins and grasshopper) and I don't need a further complex tool. It was maybe the fact that I feel Rhino the perfect tool to design Latin sailers and ancient ships that led me to think that this software might be maybe not the "top" for actual designers.
  20. Always working with Rhino, but even with good plug-ins, I feel it like a step behind compared to industrial/military stuff like CATIA or solidworks. Well used, Rhino is perfect for a family business, but if you have a group of engineer using 100% of the capacity of a complex thing like CATIA...
  21. Interesting to compare the design softwares publicly showed in their videos by both ETNZ and AM: - Guys from airbus using CATIA for designing the foils. - ETNZ design team sending Rhino3D files. Not really the same kind of stuff .
  22. The fact to be able to rotate in two dimensions an almost circular (and regular in shape) foils would not be equal in a certain way to be able to pivot on 3 axes a reduced part of the foil?
  23. All the family and the current state of the 936 was portrayed in an article about Structures shipyard in one of the recent issue of Le Chasse Marée !
  24. The vid of the mini flying is just crazy!
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