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  1. Greeks are not wogs. In my experience Greek Australians are the least selfish people I know. I am talking about Sudanese and Lebo wogs.
  2. What like homeless people?
  3. But if a club were not affiliated with AS what recourse would thin skinned man-child members with towering, porcelain egos have when they are struck down with butthurt?
  4. You know it is often said if you have no fucking idea about something it is best not to prove it.
  5. Absolutely nothing except there would be no avenue to appeal a decision of a club protest committee. I can't see AS taking action to stop the use of their Intellectual Property. Wow- its not often you get to use AS and 'intellectual' in the same sentence!
  6. Err no we don't. Are you sure you are not just a fat cunt?
  7. Thank you for your application to join our program, but we currently have a full roster. We appreciate your thoughts on occupational health and safety and on our programs pay structure. As we don’t foresee a position for you, well to be honest, ever, we wish you well in your future sailing endeavours. A chap with your charm, wit and positive attitude will be an asset to any program. Let’s keep in touch.
  8. Or you could learn how to steer a boat in a gybe. 'I haven’t had to send a man aloft for many years' What sort of wanker writes something like that?
  9. The only problem with that is the IRPCS don't have a section for mark rounding. And if you are racing under the Col regs, it has nothing to do with AS so why would you need a sail pass?
  10. Take it to Sailing Anarchy. You know where your little brexit Jerk circle is kept.
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