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  1. I have no idea who Gaetz is, and I couldn't be fucked googling it. I guess you didn't want to have sex with girls in your youth but hey, there is nothing wrong with that.
  2. I joined the young Liberals in my late teens - purely for the social activities. They had great parties and I pulled several roots. Mind you any girl at a young labor event would obviously be pretty stupid, gullible and naive, but you would need to be able to overlook the appalling dress sense, dull conversation and hairy armpits. The only person that ever got a root at a young Labor event was Bill Shorten and the girl was asleep at the time.
  3. I would rather shoot myself in the cock than go racing there every weekend.
  4. Somewhere in the dark recesses of the interwebs there will be some members of a forum that are sick of their new bloviating, essay writing, bullshitting member. Still better them than us. Hi Jack
  5. What, kill 800 people? I hope NSW don't do anything like what Victoria did. Try telling the relatives of the 800 people Andrews killed by his incomitance what a great guy he is. You really are completely blinded by politics aren't you?
  6. Well at one particular club the committee did only care about themselves. Hopefully that perception will now change, but that can only happen if the new committee loudly distance themselves from those that have gone before.
  7. I spent a fair bit of time in his company when our kids were younger, never took to him - he always came across as a strange, dumb cunt. I hope he spends the entire 13 years on all fours on the shower room being chocked by every large handed pacific islander in there. I wonder how many of the kids he coached got abused...I only hope they are not scared by the actions of this piece of shit.
  8. It is a bit hard to put together a 'highlight reel of the Aussies so far. Anyway fuck the Olympics. All the chest beating over the success of the last few games have not encouraged a single kid to take up the sport. It just gave one club that gives honoury memberships to Olympians the ability to falsely claim what a great training ground they are. 'Their' gold medal winner hasn't been near the place in years.
  9. For those of you that think you can not break free from the tyranny of AS you need to look at the history of Professional sail training in Australia. When I returned from living and working in the RYA system in 1997 I established an 'AYF' accredited sailing school. After dealing with the RYA I could not believe how amateurish AYF were at running sailing training. They were fucking hopeless- zero concept of how to train instructors, support training centres or create national standards - each state was allowed to run the scheme their own way - totally different standards in each state - no tran
  10. Those that actually participate in the sport are not recognised as stakeholders.
  11. They have no power over some clubs. RQYS has a clause in their constitution that is in direct conflict with the RRS, yet the so claimed peak body has neither the power nor the will to get them act within the rules. Of course we must remember that RQYS is Australian Sailing (Queensland) landlord. The claim that RQYS can exclude any competitor without giving a reason is why they should not be allowed anywhere near the Olympics. Or any other sanctioned event.
  12. The owner of the boat I have sailed on for the last 3 years is as black as the inside of a cat. He not only is a hugely successful businessman - he is also a great bloke and incredibly generous to all of his mates. So what the fuck does the colour of a persons skin got to do with it?
  13. Did you speak to your students like that? Small wonder they thought you were a beardy old homo. You beardy old homo.
  14. There you go Professor. Here is todays lesson for you.
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