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  1. Back when I used to run a yacht training program we would start with a few training weekends before the season started then race every weekend of the season with the last race being our local 300 mile coastal race. Mid way through the season my mate would say 'How do you get those nubies to be so slick on the corners and getting kites up and down. I would tell them that I will let them into my little secret. We practice.
  2. Make them all the same size and color. Keeps the crew on their toes.
  3. Every year until he was 87 my Dad would ring me the day after the annual Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht race and tell me where I went wrong.
  4. RIP. May the beer tent in heaven never call last drinks.
  5. I am always amused how many ‘experienced’ Sailors are so threatened by those who have undertaken some training. Cue endless anecdotes about how this person they had on their boat was hopeless, couldn’t wrap a winch blah blah blah. What I have found in 25 years full time sail training (I have personally taught over 10 000 people to sail) that is the vastly experienced, yet unqualified blow hards that would never put themselves in the position to have their own skill set examined. Yacht clubs are full of these types. Sailing schools are the number one portal to the activity of s
  6. Like AJ, Tolstoy is another beardy Homo. Unlike AJ, Tolstoy was a Count were as AJ has no ‘o’ in his job title.
  7. There should be a march to protest Middle aged heterosexual white men not asking Librarians for recommendations. I mean the entitlement of these cunts!
  8. Never in my entire life have I asked a Librarian for a recommendation.
  9. How the fuck did you know my old English master was named Collin? I never saw his dictionary but a few of the others boys saw his dick. I wasn't pretty enough.
  10. No I am not surprised that the Saint Kilda Library has Robert Barrett. They are very popular in jail so naturally people will want to keep reading them once they are out. WTF is a 'reverse snob'? A bogan?
  11. This one was probably written by some Wog Lezo.
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