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  1. Yup, keep the boat at Herrington Harbour North and a member in good standing of HHSA. Looking forward to seeing you guys on the water. Looks like we will be down your way for Screwpile - we're doing the EYC-Solomons feeder race in our boat but I'll be crewing for someone else on another boat. cheap
  2. HB!, not sure where you're looking for sails but if you don't intend to race the boat and just want to cruise, I highly recommend Rolly Tasker (http://nationalsail.com/mcart/index.cgi?code=3&cat=20sails); $1135 and up for a new C30 main. Even Cruising Direct sell C30 sails at a discount ($1200). Of course, you can always go to Bacons. For the price of a new main at one of the big name local lofts, you can soda blast AND have a new main in time for the spring launch. You can have your cake and eat it, too! Just sayin'....... cheap
  3. HB!, about 8 years ago, I soda blasted my old Catalina 27. Did the work at Herrington Harbour North and it cost a little over $900. I spent several weeks trying chemical strippers but the bottom paint was too thick and I gave up. The yard had the boat stripped in a few hours. I let it dry then proceeded to apply 5 coats of barrier epoxy before putting on a new coat of bottom paint. It will be the best $$ you'll spend. cheap
  4. Oh man, you got that right! Their cream of crab soup is the best! cheap
  5. HB!, what's going on with the boat? Inquiring minds wanna know! cheap
  6. Fat bottom girls make the world go 'round...... Love the pic on the right. cheap
  7. HB! - Congrats on the "new" boat! Many years ago I owned a Catalina 27 that I kept at Spring Cove Marina in Solomons. It was the first real "yacht" that I had owned (my previous boats were dinghies and Hobie Cats) so I had lots of questions. I remember the first winter I hauled the boat at Spring Cove - Max, whom I'd met on one of the Catalina forums (probably Sailnet, which, at the time, was as popular as SA is now), met me one day on my boat. Because I live almost two hours from Solomons, I had a long list that I wanted to get through. All I can remember of that day was Max talking up a
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