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  1. Perhaps intake valve issue. Check compression?
  2. The Museum is long history and the building used by Sail Newport these days. There’s a dump yard for misfit toys at the Fort entrance on the left and would be sad, but not surprised, to find it there.
  3. My last transit with a similar plan and expected SOG 5 kts found u/w from Ches City at 0445 and Cape May Canal entry at 1515 so about 10.5 h. Max SOG in the bay 7.3 kts. Seas do pick up in the South Bay with a southerly, but you may be able to cut the corner past Cross Ledge. I did, but 2.5 ft draft.
  4. Certainly can do Absecon in any weather but Barnegat is shifty and Manasquan’s jettys can look pretty gruesome in the wrong weather. That said you could probably do Atlantic City to Manasquan inside if you’re facing a week of gritty weather outside and get to do NYC and LIS to boot. That was my transit from Ches Bay to New England in a 22 ft catboat singlehanded. Sleep every night and bakeries in the morning plus nice anchorages or clubs enroute. With decent weather though the outside route will be far quicker.
  5. Re: “… crushed fabric under clew reef points was a big failure point and getting it flaked under their so not cruising as you tighten in the reef again big life extension.” just a slight thread drift. If you rig your clew reef pendant up from the block, to the clew, and back down the same side of the sail to a hard point on the same side as the block then the entire bunt falls off to the opposite side and no bunching; long as tack is rigged similarly.
  6. The repair kit instructions are pretty vague, “Do not tighten too much” kind of vague and have no exploded view drawing. No real info on valve stem that’s usable for your question. https://www.perko.com/images/catalog/pdf/Fig 0805 Repair Inst (0805INS2).pdf
  7. Does the stem even have a packing nut? Appears to be o-ring seal which would imply no packing.
  8. https://providence.craigslist.org/bpo/d/quincy-sailboat-boomsmassmarineparts/7303978129.html May be a bit of a trip for you but maybe give them a call with specs.
  9. White Gorilla tape. Used it on a white vinyl tarp this winter instead of sewing. Will last till you find a replacement any more spent on that sail is wasted.
  10. Overtorqued and/or improper installation? Forespar Marelon install instructions state “HAND SNUG is all you need” for the valve base “with screws into the backing block.”
  11. Been a couple postings lately about the Jersey coast...the NJ inland waterway is really doable from Atlantic City to Manasquan, or if the one ooc bridge is fixed, from Cape May. Just bring a fly swatter for the salt marsh north of AC. It’s a easy two day trip at 5kts to Bay Head but, yes from there to Sandy Hook you’re about 25 nm or so outside.
  12. Looks like the one pictured has threads. Drill a hole, tap some threads, screw hammer shaft in and go to work.
  13. That explains the boat and their design skills. Do you know where they went?
  14. Rain can put a lot of water in the bilge. Every rain we had a quart or more through two pvc vent cowl deck plates and through a piano hinge on the deck box covering our steering gear. Butyl tape on the cowls and a gutter under the hinge sorted it.
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