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  1. https://providence.craigslist.org/bpo/d/quincy-sailboat-boomsmassmarineparts/7303978129.html May be a bit of a trip for you but maybe give them a call with specs.
  2. White Gorilla tape. Used it on a white vinyl tarp this winter instead of sewing. Will last till you find a replacement any more spent on that sail is wasted.
  3. Overtorqued and/or improper installation? Forespar Marelon install instructions state “HAND SNUG is all you need” for the valve base “with screws into the backing block.”
  4. Been a couple postings lately about the Jersey coast...the NJ inland waterway is really doable from Atlantic City to Manasquan, or if the one ooc bridge is fixed, from Cape May. Just bring a fly swatter for the salt marsh north of AC. It’s a easy two day trip at 5kts to Bay Head but, yes from there to Sandy Hook you’re about 25 nm or so outside.
  5. Looks like the one pictured has threads. Drill a hole, tap some threads, screw hammer shaft in and go to work.
  6. That explains the boat and their design skills. Do you know where they went?
  7. Rain can put a lot of water in the bilge. Every rain we had a quart or more through two pvc vent cowl deck plates and through a piano hinge on the deck box covering our steering gear. Butyl tape on the cowls and a gutter under the hinge sorted it.
  8. Bacon on a parchment lined cookie sheet in the oven at 375 degrees. No splatter.
  9. Definitely looks wrong fitting size. If that’s wire reinforced hose doubt heat or lube will work.
  10. Rather watch them make grind glass, but cigarette filters do suffer from “fall out.” “Our analysis of the “fall-out” tests results presented in the 61 “fall-out” documents showed that filter fibres and carbon particles were discharged from the filters of all types of cigarettes tested.” ”The rationale for harm assessment is supported by the results of consumer surveys that have shown that the ingestion or inhalation of cigarette filter fibres are a health concern to nearly all smokers.” if you care: https://tobaccocontrol.bmj.com/content/11/suppl_1/i51 Can we get bac
  11. Looks like West Narragansett Bay, Warwick or such RI. They motored up the East Passage and in their van they drove south on I-95 past the Veismann Shop just south of Providence. Been a warm fall but it’ll be too cold for glass work soon.
  12. Had luck last year on a Marinco 15 amp to 30 amp adapter from West Marine. Salesperson told me to price match by SKU and price went from like $75 to about $30 honored by the store. Works a champ.
  13. Got to wonder if they understand most usual stainless will corrode in an oxygen depleted environment like his rudder bearing. Might have been a reason for that G-10.
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