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  1. Yikes, the silence is making me paranoidJ. Anyway, I couldn’t make the meeting. I hope you all did have it though and fire at will. My wifey had minor day surgery early so no pub for me
  2. Oops, sorry, didn't mean to kill a perfectly good conversation
  3. Oh, did you all check out the SA front page "A New Model"? Thats what WE ALL need to do (aside from the internal housekeeping we need to do regarding scoring etc. and will be done for 2013) The Portland etchells fleet 27 gave me a call, wants me to join their fleet because it's awesome, and now their up to 22+ boats committed to race in 2013. More fun...nooooo. Members more engaged.....yessss. Our fleet will only be what we all as a group want it to be. Volunteers for a phone tree? No? Oh well....let's find someplace to stick our heads in the sand. Sarcasm, I know. I feel you’re frus
  4. Hi kids, I was just reading through the thread, I have so much to sayJ. I’ll try to approach each topic separately rather than jumble stuff together. I thought it important to do since communication is usually the center of most problems and eventually the solution. REGARDING YOY; I empathize with the concern over this year’s choice. Though, even if one deems it a failure, I don’t think that it should be considered obsolete. If there is a failure 1 out of every 14 times or so, it should still be considered a success. I wouldn’t want to throw out the baby with the bathwater. The e
  5. Oh! Sorry kitty…A.D.D. kicked in. What’s next for my hazing? Can I take my clothes off?
  6. Why Bugboy I just noticed you're here. There is a custom for a newbe here.... Hey Dawg, hazing? I'm in :-) Well first you need to have a girlfriend or wife...... I still have the wife; so-far-so-good.
  7. Why Bugboy I just noticed you're here. There is a custom for a newbe here.... Hey Dawg, hazing? I'm in :-)
  8. Hey Bugman, looking at the entry list for the Bermuda race, I note that CYBELE is a down-east GMORA boat ... FWIW... Great, thank you, I have a note to contact both Beausoleil and CYBELE. How are ya Kitty? I've also spoke with Greyhawk folks. Thanks all.
  9. I guess we'll see what happens at the upcoming GMORA meeting, but my sense from here in the far corner of New Hampshire is that we should soon see a new website, a couple of "new" races on the schedule, and of course a new trophy to compete for, which might lead to the creation of a new racing class at some of the regattas.... There are several Buzz, was Howl, crew heading for the SAS in Newport. Not sure our schedules yet though. I'm heading down sometime Fri night and coming back sometime Sunday. I may have room. Is Greyhawk doing the bermuda race? Buzz and Resolute are lookin
  10. Last Merle and I spoke, the plan was to have Scaramouch there.
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