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  1. Jiffy B... my condolences for Matt's untimely passing. I wish you healthy grieving and Peace. I always liked his words and posts. He was clearly a thoughtful person with multiple passions and accomplishments. More strikingly, he and I are the same age. I've viewed my days a bit more proactively since his death.
  2. Didn't she write a cookbook? Love and Butter or something??
  3. Call Photobucket and request a dump. :dunno Seems you've shown your utility to both them *and* us, and they should be gracious enough to send you a proper method. Or, fuck 'em.
  4. Good for you. Your wealth speaks.
  5. Insanely +1. hobot is the genius. (SmugMug has been my go-to for a long, long time. Cheap for what you get.)
  6. She still won't pay to sail with you, J6. That's your own Hell.
  7. Rake the carbon fiber stanchions the same angle as the forestay. The entire boat will gain 1.314159 knots... sitting still. A disciplined eye will read that bow-to-stern (_Alternative Bow_) as an optical sound reminiscent of a playing card flipping by in bicycle spokes as Francis Lee sails by
  8. "I'll count 'em again, boss, but I'm pretty sure there's 417,384 planks ready for load out."
  9. Mimsy should be scuttled regardless of intent or circumstance. It's a POS and isn't seaworthy. Having Rimus aboard makes it even less seaworthy. As for Duh Woody: he's already into a voyeuristic streak with old leatherbacks in big hats. Rimus is wearing a hat which says, "Admiral". No math required.
  10. Mimsy should be scuttled, and Remus should be flown to San Diego to be the First Mate of DaWoody.
  11. Do they tack when she farts??? "Big header in 5...!"
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