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  1. Dobroth showed up at a Block Island Race week one year, on one of those crazy big cruising motorcycles with the giant windshield and a cranking stereo. Bike was a very dorky tan/ brown color. He drove around the island for the week looking like a total nerd. nice guy but super dorky.
  2. I think you should have started with ***BUMP***
  3. dopo

    espo is a dick

    Snaggie is a big fat dick,
  4. I requires using yacht scoring.
  5. That was the fall, the tri had decided not to race due to possible bad weather and was motoring home. We had rounded the weather mark put up the kite and saw a black wall of death. A cloud like I never seen, over the north fork. We look down the kite and before we knew it it was blowing 40 plus out of the north. It was the remnants of some tropical depression that had gone inland in the carolinas, It hit long island sound and picked up a quick burst of strength. The race was abandoned, South Ferry to Shelter stopped running and reported gusts over 70 MPH.
  6. A good measured point made by a buddy of mine "Guys on the Volvo race are reading about this on their off watch."
  7. dopo

    espo is a dick

    <------ That Picture? I do Forget, what was tom's commentary on it?
  8. dopo

    espo is a dick

    The T-bone race was his throw out and yes i am too old to do bow, and also to hungover that day
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