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  1. If you can tow a Jayco around Australia you can tow a boat to Wangi.
  2. Ian, I respect your boats and your work......... Please don't go there. You may or may not agree with or like Corsair but please show a bit of maturaty and professionalism. I prefer Holden over Ford but have grown out of the bull$1t of bagging them. A bit one eyed perhaps? You don't have anything to say about the derogatory comment in this thread on my designs that I was responding to - or are such snide comments about my designs okay? But I see what you mean, however my comment: "I prefer not to design over powered boats with no room, no comfort, and no resale value" was directed at
  3. It is not like I would design................... Ian Farrier Farrier Marine Designs that work So it should be a pretty quick boat.
  4. So if it's ok for you to piss on the Pulse on this thread it's OK for me to piss on perceived shortcomings of Farrier designs on Farrier threads. When are we going to see your entry for Airlie and Hammo.
  5. It looked fast on the hard stand at RQ. In fact a really hot looking little machine. Would love to see some video of it sailing in 15+. Cheers
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