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  1. If you can tow a Jayco around Australia you can tow a boat to Wangi.
  2. A chicken chute. Shame, shame , shame!
  3. You're sounding like an LNP hack Pete. Just towing the party line. When are we going to see anything but amateur built F22s at National regattas. Your excuse for not being at Airlie and Hammo with Boom doesn't stand the sniff test.
  4. Ian, I respect your boats and your work......... Please don't go there. You may or may not agree with or like Corsair but please show a bit of maturaty and professionalism. I prefer Holden over Ford but have grown out of the bull$1t of bagging them. A bit one eyed perhaps? You don't have anything to say about the derogatory comment in this thread on my designs that I was responding to - or are such snide comments about my designs okay? But I see what you mean, however my comment: "I prefer not to design over powered boats with no room, no comfort, and no resale value" was directed at
  5. It is not like I would design................... Ian Farrier Farrier Marine Designs that work So it should be a pretty quick boat.
  6. So if it's ok for you to piss on the Pulse on this thread it's OK for me to piss on perceived shortcomings of Farrier designs on Farrier threads. When are we going to see your entry for Airlie and Hammo.
  7. It looked fast on the hard stand at RQ. In fact a really hot looking little machine. Would love to see some video of it sailing in 15+. Cheers
  8. Holy shit! Now that's a mouthful if ever I saw one. And he reckons I give him stick on the Farrier Forum.
  9. So will we see you in Geelong! And no more lip stick on a pig. Chippy has had his 15 minutes of fame.
  10. Pete the conditions look pretty benign. When are you going to post the videos of the sail raising and lowering in 20 kts with a decent sea running. You are one demanding fella Peter, but I will do what I can. Benign was beautiful, and this is the first time I have taken out my gopro for this boat, so that is it for now. In wind I can can assure you the main goes up just as easy with winch needed for last metre, and it comes down faster. The F-27 was fantastic with roller furling and convinced me to never go stranglejacks again on a boat under 30', and on this boat with no boom it is easier ag
  11. Pete the conditions look pretty benign. When are you going to post the videos of the sail raising and lowering in 20 kts with a decent sea running.
  12. I am truly sorry Ian. Your boats are AMAZING, but your ego could use a bit of herbal chillaxing. Sent with love and admiration. -Brian Charette (name given as proof of identity...) Just read your post Brian and it's the funniest thing since Ian sailed a Tramp solo in 55 kts with full sail up and then put in a reef at the top mark. He might not smoke but you don't hallucinate like that from drinking milk and eating vanilla cup cakes.
  13. You need help Ian. Seriously. Yet another personal attack Peter, or Goldfinger, or is it MadAboutMultis? All you seem to have are just numerous insults, or worse, false posts. Ian Farrier Farrier Marine Designs that work Ian people who act as defensively as you do are usually trying to deflect attention from themselves. I know a lot more about you than you think so why don't you just ignore me and make everyone happy.
  14. You need help Ian. Seriously.
  15. Have you taken my whole stash and used it in one go?I am a biased fella towards my F22 after having sailed it a lot now, and I have sailed all the Sprints, so I don't know how you can say a Sprint is more "substantial" than a 22? WTF does that mean? The Mk 2 is certainly a different boat to the Mk 1, but they are still based on old technology/folding systems etc. As for the new Graingers looking nice, that silver and orange RAW is wonderful artwork I must agree, I will save up and get an attractive wrap suitable for a hot little Brisvegas multihull, how about this? vinyl-boat-wraps-1
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