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  1. vikram

    Symmetric Spinnaker Handling

    we use letterbox a lot and even more if its just me instead of two - run both sym and asym. Asyms use the front hatch a little bit more and keep everything rigged but still on distance races there is penty of time to letterbox and repack. I often just want the kite gone of the most horrifying accidents I ever had on a boat was stepping into an open hatch in a DH race when on the foredeck with a bit of kite cloth over it....was a shorter race with 2 or 3 mile legs and multiple laps - we were pressed for time. I was pretty badly hurt.
  2. many brands of tiller pilots and raymarine, pelagic and currently b and g nac3 - not happy with any of em.
  3. Pelle - i never tire of photos of that awesome little boat...
  4. vikram

    well this is bullshit

    What kind of total and complete piece of shit posts something like this, watches 160 posts follow up and says not a fucking thing. You are trolling covid to generate traffic on your shitty fucking 2 bit sailing advertising scam? A-hole.
  5. vikram

    Lusting on Yachtworld
  6. vikram

    Single line reefing?

    I sail on this boat a lot because I bought it. It works exactly this way up to about thirty knots when the third reef is needed. There is so much line for the third reef that I don't set it up that way but may if I get the gumption to do the b12 the reason I bought the boat. All the 'it can't possibly work this way' folks are incorrect. I wouldn't try this on anything over 35 feet or with a longer boom and I sail on those kind of boats too. Uncle has a Morgan 382 for example. Without slick lines and friction free fairleads it would probably be a nightmare and not worth trying. With them I keep the boat right where it should be prob reefing and unreefing 30 to 50 percent more often because of the time it takes. Single and DH racing that makes the boat flatter and faster. Older boat and running rigging New high aspect rig with willingness to do it right? Fast. Lotta string tho.
  7. vikram

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    seems an excellent choice for you - enjoy it! (if you put a 120 and a schumacher 28 in a blender you might just get something like a 111 out of it!)
  8. vikram

    Single line reefing? 2 minute video worth a look.
  9. vikram

    Glut Of Used Boats (30') For Sale

    glut of crap yes - very very few good boats out there....dont drag ur feet when u find one there fella
  10. Less posting, more buying.
  11. Used jpk 1010....3200 r2 very cool. I think the trans Quadra winning bepox still for sale if u fancy a reaching machine. A tarted up a31 with twin rudders bulb keel carbon mast all new sail and electronics. There is a sunfast 3600 available from Adrianl a user on here that is pretty much the most boat u can buy for that money if you are in the states. If u r you young and strong yes a used class 40. But you better also be a darn good sailor. And have another 50k over next 2 years. Dragonfly and Seacart.....? It would be a monohull.
  12. that j33 in the ads looks good dude....I hope you have inquired. the j35 I highlighted previously is good. I don’t know if either still available but both are interesting. Did you read the spec sheet on Breakaway? Almost March.
  13. vikram

    the perfect boat

    I’ve had boats with both sprit configurations and for reasons of cost mainly and water intrusion secondarily, I currently think deck mounted. The Archambault 31 has a small prod to fly assys from and a pole for sym. Phrf crushing sprit length here. Most boats this size aren’t rigged for a staysail which the pogo above is though I dont know if they all were. There are a lot of great boats but if you exclude those that weren’t built in numbers recently and you look at trying to accomplish ocean racing for sub 75k....
  14. vikram

    the perfect boat

    Yeah I guess I was just noticing that they built 180 of them, production ended in 2010 and there seems always to be at least 5 for sale. Since they are overwhelmingly French-owned they are are mostly equipped with good autopilots and decent to excellent sail inventory’s. The large production run I think means you can hope for more similarity from hull to hull (there was a change to the deck plugin 2006 but the differences seem minor) than the Quests which are awesome but old now and in various states of repair, motor configuration and stern configuration. I think they built less than 15 Quests. Prob 40 or 50 a31’ guessing few 960s, they don’t come around too often. In general when somebody pops up looking for a Dh boat I point them to a boat that’s been taken care perhaps by somebody I know but it’s often a boat that will do a great job but doesn’t really excite anyone. To me these are very cool and available. And finally if you are hoping to get a bunch of friends together in the same boat you can move to the west coast and sail excellent, good looking older boats or try and scoop up a bunch of j105’s which are going to have higher sail costs by what 30 percent compared to the 8.50? Just a cool ride readily available. Short handed sailing is doing better in the states, wouldn’t hurt to have 5 or 10 of these floating around. Pie in the sky sure, but I would join a ‘fleet’ of these.