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  1. Amazing that Alexia makes 4 official women finishers, double the previous record. And all 6 women who started crossed the finish line solo. The total number of finishers looks like it will be 25 of 33, again a records for the highest number and the highest percent (75%) of finishers. This even after all the concern about more UFOs early on in the race. The boats must be becoming more reliable? Are skippers / teams more prepared? Is better weather information / routing software protecting the boats more?
  2. The Ms. had a shop put on a generic 2000 lb hitch for a bike rack. I got the ball mount and hitched up the trailer and boat, surprising bystanders when we launch electric. I love the Bolt, so smooth and precise with torque, also gives advantages on slippery ramp and dirt roads. Seriously, until I tried it I didn't really think it would be so much better. A bit more on thread, you can find used electric now, worth the look. As sailors you all understand horses for courses, there are cheap electric vehicles (2 WD) with limited range that are quite economical.
  3. I've used the front wheel drive Bolt to launch my Hobie 18, for a very mild Adventure, since that's just 600 pounds. I prefer to leave my 4WD 4Runner at home and drive electric, it is way better. 4Runner is an improvement over the prior all wheel drive Subaru, since you can shift it into 2 WD for 99% of driving, but not get stuck.
  4. If Beyou’s second start time was actually the time his clock started, counting just his time on the water since that start, where will he place?
  5. Exactly right, find that boffin. I had good experience with Minn Kota warranty issues, which were handled in California by a really helpful bass fishing guy, more or less retired, out of his home garage, drinking Budweiser and smoking while he works. Drink a few with that guy and I'd wager that he would set you up with charging and prop options, on the cheap, just to do it. You can check out what's 'local' here: https://www.minnkotamotors.com/support/service-providers/locate My warranty issue was that in reverse at full power, the tilt mount wasn't strong enough to hold ~50 inches
  6. I'll try not to hijack too much, relating back to Ryan's project. I have used the Minn Kota 101 for over 10 years now on my Gemini 105, a catamaran which in the real world probably displaces over 5 tons. I added it as a temporary measure to give me time to replace the diesel, and ended up using it as the only auxiliary for around 6 years. It can move the boat at 3 knots in flat water without any wind, good enough for years of active sailing on the San Francisco bay and coastal cruising. Obviously it won't fight the 6 knot currents we get here, but even now that I've got a 10 kw motor conne
  7. Further Distance Covered in 24 Hours[edit] Edition Year Skipper Boat Name nautical miles/24h 1 1989–1990 Titouan Lamazou Écureuil d'Aquitaine II 304 2 1992–1993 Alain Gautier Bagages Superior 339 3 1996–1997 Yves Parlier Aquitaine Innovations 374 4 2000–2001 Dominique Wavre Union ban
  8. 10 hours to go, do sleep! Results in the morning will tell the story.
  9. In the last sched, we passed the reference time from the last edition, 74 d 03 h 36 min, with over 2,000 miles left for the leaders. Interesting that Burton is sailing the boat that set that time.
  10. Gitana is more or less falling off the back of this low pressure system. If they were 1,500 miles ahead of their current position, they would still have the wind angle northerly enough to avoid jibes. They only hooked into the system ~3 days ago, not possible to go 500 miles faster per day, this system is just moving too fast for the boat any sail boat. I imagine if materials and designs allowed sailing 1,300 miles per day, that would be something else. They are now already entering the ice limit for the Vendee, so ice will factor into the next jibe. Of course they are on their VMG jib
  11. That's for sure, VMG is suffering badly now so seems system isn't giving the kind of wind angle to go fast in the right direction. In the last update looks like they are actually setting up for the "mouette" part to their jibe. Plus the seas must be getting worse to slow them as they aren't on the leading edge of the LP any more. Too bad the tracker does give actual wind speed (or apparent) as we get over on the Vendee side of things, or for that matter what Boris shares - so we could really geek out on what's happening. I really doubted that short mast on IDEC would be enough for the
  12. I would trust Russell, he’s got the experience here, both sailing this race and boat crafting. The L7 looks simple, less controls than that Hobie 18 down here in San Francisco: https://www.thebeachcats.com/news/152/l7-sport-trimaran-has-less-con.. I have now repaired the deck to the Hobie during COVID, silver lining to staying at home, sorry it was too late for you! Congratulations on the commitment.
  13. Pip's boat Medallia is Stamm's from 2000, and she just passed Hugo Boss from 2008. She has shaken off Ellen Mac Arthur's 2000 boat too. I'm sure the preparation of these older boats is more important than the pedigree, as I can distantly relate having a boat around the same age, but that chart from upthread is amusing.
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