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  1. what a maxi not at Hamo island, whats going on here just not right...
  2. Kialoa v just worked out ondine vii was boomerang
  3. Wind has picked up in the river at the moment, also would be great to have around Tassie race over regatta long weekend start on the wed night and be back by sat/ sun and a little bit in it for everyone..
  4. She just made it before the shutdown, but others still showing good speed off the east coast but will be a slow going once in the river
  5. I doubt Alive will make it in before the river shuts down, far cry from her last 2 Hobarts where she flew home on the seabreeze
  6. Well just taking foiling to a whole new level going across land, cant see why they are doing the America's cup when we have boats across land...
  7. Must be a bit lumpy for the fleet at the moment, wont be surprised with more retirements overnight
  8. sadly no camera's covering the log jam
  9. Anyone watch the start of the real race the Launceston to Hobart
  10. Good race so far and I wouldn't write off Oats just yet this could be a close race still by the end...
  11. Challenge can the 60footers catch Comanche
  12. Alot the sea-breeze has been quite strong past 7 days in Hobart, and could see the big indian making a late charge
  13. Quiet achievers Black Jack and info track doing well to keep up
  14. Good to see the fleet compress a little makes handicap more interesting
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