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  1. Best answer is probably "it depends". I'd recommend asking @ctutmark
  2. I would love to know what comes next for the team. With changes, I hope they challenge in the next cycle.
  3. I believe Patriot must be measured in by 6pm today in my time zone (PST, USA). So 9pm eastern in the US.
  4. Anyone have a decent forecast for the semis? From what I can tell it will be medium the first day and then it goes light the rest of the way. Maybe that favors LRPP?
  5. Keep in mind some teams have their windspeed instrument at the masthead, others at the end of the bowsprit. That may account for 1-2 kts difference...but I haven't looked at pics to see if thats the case here.
  6. I just wish they could change foils like they can change sails, to match the race-day conditions. If it were allowed, I'm sure teams would find a way to manage it...but I recognize that currently it is probably very involved and complicated to do quickly right now.
  7. I took "dog off leash" to mean aggressive, potentially risky maneuvers (i.e. boat-to-boat combat). Maybe @XPRO can clarify?
  8. Seems to me being 2nd or 3rd in RR might be preferable, to get more races in. 1st has to sit out a good while before the final.
  9. Speed maybe okay, but vmg? Not so much imo. "Sideways fast" was my impression when they were actually foiling.
  10. So are they doing extra wind stuff with the wind instrument on the end of the bowsprit? Last race, when ineos and tr were next to each other, iirc true wind from ineos was about 10 kts and tr was reporting about 8 kits. To me thats easily explained by masthead vs deck level wind speed differences. Are you saying the kiwis are up to some tricky tricks with instruments?
  11. Team out practicing or what?
  12. Watching that just sent me straight back to bad memories of trying desperately to escape a wind hole while others sailed around us. I couldn't look away but I probably have an ulcer now. ...Also feeling so badly for those guys on frackers. Not fun to watch.
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