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  1. It is without a doubt the hinges on the door. Stand on you other foot and problem solved.
  2. It was mentioned above, but I will second The Billionaire and the Mechanic. Really enjoyed that book.
  3. Wow, this should be a train wreck.
  4. I hear the AB's are looking to play their home matches in Ireland because they can't extort enough money from the NZ government. Of course no Irish will be allowed to play for them, although they may allow one really talented Aussie.
  5. Phenomenal! My family used to take about two weeks to sail from Muskegon to Mackinac:-)
  6. We must have watched different starts:-). There was no contact with Spain's black flag and USA barely had to move to avoid. Ainsley came barreling in on the foils through the whole fleet and basically had to choose which boat he was going to crash into.
  7. 100%. Would have been a black flag if it was Robertson. Clear double standard.
  8. Sounds like your board is thin skinned, over reacted, and lost a valuable member who had a bad moment.
  9. Yes, his lack of impulse control is what makes it so entertaining. He's like an angry toddler. It is almost endearing.
  10. The only way SailGP kills the cup is if it somehow became "the pinnacle if the sport". Unlikely, but not impossible. It does have fast boats and oodles of talent. Arguably more talent than any series ever. If it did become regarded more highly than the cup, I don't think there would be any appeal to the uber-rich to capture the second most prestigious prize. The Cup is great for what it is. SailGP is fun to watch. But personally there is a lot of racing I would rather watch-18 foot skiffs, Star series, 52's, real match racing in identical displacement boats. All of those are mo
  11. You had a box? Lucky bastard!
  12. Ainslie having a full on hissy fit:-)
  13. Utter bullshit. I don't think he has put a scratch on anyone's boat. He has tried a different tactic than following the herd on the stupid reaching starts. The US barely had to move the wheel to avoid when he was black flagged. Maybe they should just put on a parade and throw beads to the crowd instead of race.
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