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  1. https://www.intensitysails.com/sualma.html
  2. That is amazing!! I so hope I see this out on the river this summer. Styling!
  3. https://youtu.be/Bf6gsioOa2w. This is some great content. Struck me as a hard honest look at Phil Robertson's situation. SailGP needs to find a way to keep him around. He is, by far, the most interesting character they have.
  4. I have an Ocean Rodeo drysuit. I really like it. Pretty easy to get in and out of and can handle a wide range if temps depending on what you wear underneath. It is, of course, bulkier than a wetsuit, but not too bad. I have never tried any other drysuits, so really can't compare. Another plus, the Ocean Rodeo suits look more like foul weather gear than spacesuits.
  5. Anyone have any pictures of the foils? I am curious how/if they differ from the Sunfish.
  6. I was a bit sceptical too until I got a couple of them. I have had an absolute ball racing with the local group. They are great boats. I can get mine from hanging in my garage to launched in 15 minutes - which is why it is the most used boat I have. The racing is great, but just banging around, especially when it is blowing 15 to 20, is a hoot. Cheap, easy to rig, active racing, fun, what's not to like? I'm glad I got over the "it's an old design for kids" thought and gave it a go. In keeping with the thread, the Sunfish group recently celebrated the birthday of our perennial winner.
  7. You seem to have the experience and the market all figured out. What is stopping you?
  8. I have not seen anything going on in North Carolina in the Aero. Please correct me if I am wrong as I would be tempted. I sail a Weta and NC has a pretty active class. Seems to be growing thanks to the hard work of one couple who I hope don't burn out. I sail a Sunfish too and it is not hard to find a regatta.
  9. 100%. Perfect for your mission. Had an F-27 for 13 or 14 years and used it for daysailing 90% of the time, solo or with crew. Fun, fun boat. Regret selling it. Or look at Patmos thread in multihull anarchy on his Maine Sail 21 (Newick cat) "I want to go fast and party too".
  10. The nationality rule does nothing for the Cup. Good management and results bring loyalty from fans and competitors. Consistent teams can be built without nationality rules. There are interesting sailors out there that will garner fans regardless of their place of origin. I prefer to see the best sailors out there, regardless of nationality. The nationality rule just degrades the level of competition. Surely teams will try to hire locally if all else is equal. The fact that the teams fly a national flag is sufficient for the contingent that want to root for their country.
  11. What a dick. Look at it from a newcomers perspective. If this was the first email you received after joining this group, would it inspire you to participate?
  12. I see, so it was a 4 point penalty, not 5-and not totally arbitrary.
  13. Looking at the results it appears that B347 was awarded 7 points for Race 5, but would have finished 3rd without the penalty. Doesn't 3+5=8?
  14. I am looking forward to SailGP. I love the Cup for the spectacle it is, but as far as racing goes, one design is more interesting to me. Seeing a lot of these guys go head to head again will be awesome. If the Brits hadn't stolen half of Nathan's team, I think he would dominate the series. Sure hope he gets a ride in the next Cup - and I hope it is helming the "American" boat.
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