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  1. The nationality rule does nothing for the Cup. Good management and results bring loyalty from fans and competitors. Consistent teams can be built without nationality rules. There are interesting sailors out there that will garner fans regardless of their place of origin. I prefer to see the best sailors out there, regardless of nationality. The nationality rule just degrades the level of competition. Surely teams will try to hire locally if all else is equal. The fact that the teams fly a national flag is sufficient for the contingent that want to root for their country.
  2. What a dick. Look at it from a newcomers perspective. If this was the first email you received after joining this group, would it inspire you to participate?
  3. I see, so it was a 4 point penalty, not 5-and not totally arbitrary.
  4. Looking at the results it appears that B347 was awarded 7 points for Race 5, but would have finished 3rd without the penalty. Doesn't 3+5=8?
  5. I am looking forward to SailGP. I love the Cup for the spectacle it is, but as far as racing goes, one design is more interesting to me. Seeing a lot of these guys go head to head again will be awesome. If the Brits hadn't stolen half of Nathan's team, I think he would dominate the series. Sure hope he gets a ride in the next Cup - and I hope it is helming the "American" boat.
  6. Congrats to ETNZ and especially to all the engineers and craftsmen who built these amazing machines! What an incredible feat. When I first saw the concept drawings, I was in the no fucking way camp. Just blown away with the courage and skill shown in the design, construction and operation of these beasts.
  7. Great race. What a heartbreaker. New Zealand doing what they have to - keep it close until they find a hole they can squeeze through. Great sailing by both teams. Loved that leeward mark maneuver by Bruni!
  8. What is the usual trend for wind going into March. Is this going to be like Bermuda where it got progressively lighter? ETNZ seemed to plan for that better than the other teams.
  9. I love this idea. With the exception of race 6, the starts and first cross were the only exciting parts of the race.
  10. For you match racers out there, do you think it was reasonable for BA to think there would be a little room there because Prada was early and would presumably run down the line a little, or should he have anticipated that Prada wouldn't care if they were OCS and would rather pinch up Ineos? i.e. is it a common move to push your opponent up across the line even if it means you starting early?
  11. From Sailer99's post 6955 44.2 Penalties (a) OCS Penalties Penalty for yachts that are OCS: (i) after her starting signal and while inside the boundary, the penalized yacht shall act immediately to reduce her VMG / VMC until she is 50 metres behind the other yacht, or (ii) the penalized yacht shall start as per definition start (a). 
  12. Here is the rule. (b) applies. They started. Start A yacht starts when: (a) her platform border having been entirely on the pre-start side of the starting line at or after her starting signal, any part of her platform border cross the starting line from the pre-start side to the course side; or (b) having crossed the starting line from the pre-start side to the course side within 10 seconds prior to the starting signal and been identified as OCS, she completes a penalty for OCS.
  13. Seems like you are suggesting a change to the rules? I don't see where it says the race is abandoned if they are OCS.
  14. It seems unlikely they would change the rules at this point. Is there a process in place that could make that happen overnight?
  15. I agree the rules weren't applied correctly, but I am not sure that the penalties that are actually in the rules haven't been thought through. If you have two boats that are OCS, the remedies favor the boat that is "less" OCS, as they are further behind, so closer to the line to restart or closer to being 50 meters behind to clear the penalty. I think if properly applied it makes for an interesting, but workable, scenario.
  16. Ok, BA won a start, now if that fuckwit Stephen could say something of substance we would have two firsts.
  17. What an ass kicking. Hard to believe that Ineos has won exactly zero starts.
  18. Good idea! I do have some left, although it is a bit old. The stuff I have is satin finish. It definitely does not give the glassy finish of a polyurethane, but that is not what I wanted with my floors. Mostly l, I was thinking about using it on the interior of my boat. I would like to keep the wood as light as possible. Have to do a little experimentation.
  19. Anyone tried waterlox on the interior or exterior of a boat? I put it on the floors of my house and rather like it.
  20. I'm not sure I would do Sunbrella for cushions that are going to be down below. There might be something out there better suited, cheaper, and more comfortable.
  21. I love the retro boat series. It would be really cool to adda short segment with old crew members commenting on the boats history or telling a race story. Specifically not the owner. It would be in keeping with SA and a really different, interesting perspective - like this thread.
  22. My grandpa had a Stonehorse 23. It was a great little boat. Beautiful, fun to sail, with a little inboard diesel. This pic just stolen off the interwebs.
  23. Don't shoot so high. A pulse and as least as many teeth as your average carnie.
  24. Wait, whaaat? You can't legally carry a Leatherman? I know this thread is all about being respectful of other country's ways, but that is just fucked up:-) A person becomes 10x as useful with one of those.
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