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  1. Sad to hear. My bookshelves have two of his books on them.
  2. There are a couple of hard-to-beat Cal 20's on SF Bay right now. I've spent WAY too much time looking at Slainte's transom, and if I could even SEE Richrtd von E's transom, I was doing pretty good. And I owed them 100 seconds a mile.
  3. Yesterday I helped the new owners tidy up the Wildcat of Loch Awe and send her on her way to Texas. With that sale, this guy makes a huge transition in his sailing life, away from singlehanding with the goal of crossing oceans, to laid-back daysailing and protected-water, small-crewed handicap racing. Goodbye to 20 knot solo spinnaker gybes, hello to easy beer-in-one-hand-tiller-in-the-other sailing. Alpha is the focus, now, so there are blog updates, which have been waiting in the wings for weeks/months to finally get written and uploaded. https://swtartan.wixsite.com/piperonedesi
  4. The whole idea was to move to this boat after the TransPac. Of course, that WAS going to be in 2020. That got delayed until 2021...OK, fine. Then COVID and "other stuff" killed my chances of doing the 2021 TransPac. Well fuck. But that's life. I took the S2 out for a race in April, got into a tight situation, got close and personal with a channel marker and wound up with the mast on deck in two pieces. The insurance company totalled it, but I kept the boat. I couldn't bear to write it off. The re-rig job took almost 3 months....not quite, but almost. No comment. Anyway, now it'
  5. I got the spreader brackets back a few weeks ago. They're pretty straight...not perfect but workable. Today I sold my S2 7.9. COVID killed that 2021 SHTP dream, and I'm not waiting until 2023, so she went up for sale. I sold in her less than 24 hours on Craigslist, for full asking price, but the circumstances are unusual. This now gives me a few boat bucks and plenty of time to finally focus on the Piper. I need to pressure wash the underside of the deck and finish off the semi-bulkhead structure. Finally decide if I'm going to put in a bulkhead to enclose the space under the
  6. Imagine going online to your favorite boating forum to see your previous boat up on the beach, beat to shit by the surf because the last owner sold it for $100 to some dumbfuck who didn't have the money to put an anchor on the boat.....and bolted when he came responsible for cleaning up the wreckage.
  7. Remember, the semi-official welcome for newbs here is.. "show us your wifes tits".
  8. If I were sticking with daysailing in a light-ish air venue, the H-Boat would be high on my list. All boats have compromises, and the only real compromises you make on an H-Boat is the outboard motor issue. That IS a PITA, but can be mitigated by getting a nice 2.5 hp lightweight motor. I have to say, if the Q-Boat rates 127 and the R-Boat rates 188...for the OP.... so what? Who cares? If you're TRULY going to just daysail, and never spend a night on the boat, and are up for a project, I know where there's a Piper One Design that needs a new owner! Cute blond in white t
  9. Nemo really has gotten a whole new life, hasn't she? And the kids are sailing her all over the place. Best $1 boat ever. Not only that but the previous owner has got to be all smiles, knowing his old boat is seeing good days.
  10. I'm intent on flushing out the new owner! LOL
  11. I do believe so! It was listed here on SA, and was in Florida if I remember rightly.
  12. Looks familiar.... OK, fess up. Who bought it?
  13. The Boston Whaler has also been on my radar, but they don't come up often around here. A CL 16 appeared on Craigslist a week before the Wayfarer did, but ooops...the foredeck has peeled away from the hull in some sort of accident and I think only someone the size of a 3-year old can actually get in there to do the repairs. randii! No kiddin'....whoah. I'll get back to you!
  14. Regarding the mast....I might build a wood one. Alternatively, I now have a 19' 6" length of aluminum tubing that I set up as an emergency mast for my S2 7.9 Turns out that for the S2 I should have made it a foot longer and out of one size thicker extrusion, but that doesn't matter now. The emergency mast is in three pieces which sleeve together. Well, if I make one more sleeving piece that's 2 1/2 feet long, rivet it all together and add a few length of this stuff.... https://duckworks.com/b-b-aluminum-sailtrack/ which is how the Core Sound masts are made, then I should be good
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