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  1. I guess nobody windsurfs anymore....or never did in this forum. 20 knots, easy on a short board and flat water with a nice camber induced sail and a nice fin that won't spin out. 30 knots...not as easy but fat or tall windsurfers can do it in flat water with a lot of wind (but you are going faster than the wind with so much apparent, so 20 knots of wind is enough). You are the shrouds no keel and not much wetted surface to get in the way. Personally, I'm sure I have hit 30, but know as a fact I hit 25 knots long ago when I was younger on a Jimmy Lewis board inside Dungeness Spit, WA
  2. Designer: "I think I'll design a catamaran,......no wait, maybe a mono-hull"
  3. .....Other than butt ugly?....well, I'm not sure.
  4. First, I know the frustration involved. That said....The commodore (or race chair) should not have set this tone and never should have sent out this message. Our sport is perceived to be run by a bunch of rich, spoiled entitled elites. This type of rant in his (or her) communication only solidifies that belief to new people that want to join in and just have some fun racing. These newbies (which our sport drastically needs) will definitely be discouraged by such rants. Most RC are just volunteers.... and often screw up...okay, it happens! The grand majority of sailors racing are beer
  5. Hi, As far as windsurfing is concerned.......Lake Nitiat is fun in BC on Vancouver Island. Strange place to windsurf, since it is not really a lake but salt water. The wind blow through a gorge, similar to Hood River and the Columbia, but due to the ferry ride, it takes about the same amount of time to get to Hood River. Squamish in BC is windy too, but water is really COLD....glacial in fact. Good lead boat racing around too. Victoria - Swiftsure, Southern Straits West Van are not far away, and as you say, the cruising is fabulous in the San Juans. Buy a raincoat, though, you m
  6. Fat older white men in their chairs while thinking too much (see that a lot on this forum).....Just go out and sail the damn boat for Christ sake!
  7. The bow looks like Icon.....or am I dreaming. Signed "Charisma Grinder Guy"
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