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  1. Want to talk flawed? Your response is flawed. What part of WINTER (like the last couple of months) lockdowns did you not understand? I have no data for May and no data for the UK nor did I claim to. Perchance you should read my post again.
  2. Winter lockdowns didn't work in the US. I verified this was CDC deaths/1M by state. What States did/did not lockdown this winter was subjective but seems to be accurate. Bottom line....there was almost no statistical difference between locking down and not. Lockdowns do have a significant economic penalty though. Yellow bars are mean for no lockdown on left and mean for lockdown on right. I'm also not saying you country would show the same results. Just food for thought.
  3. What was corrected by JonRowe referred to the Pfizer vac, not Moderna. But i agree that we peons don't really know. I'm getting my first Moderna vac next Tuesday. Wish me luck.
  4. "Moderna actually collected data from people who only received one dose of its vaccine, Gill says. Some 2,000 participants in Moderna’s phase three clinical trial received just a single injection of either a placebo or the vaccine. In that population, the efficacy of the single vaccine dose was roughly 80 to 90%." “[Moderna] was not shy about showing that a single dose was so effective, and they do the math right," Gill says. “After 14 days, the [single dose] vaccine is remarkably effective.” https://www.wbur.org/commonhealth/2020/12/18/coronavirus-vaccine-single-dose-debate
  5. Former American Magic fanboy signing in to switch sides. Go team INEOS! If we win, I'll petition Bidnen to restore Churchill's bust to the White House!
  6. I might add that Dems and Republicans are getting along, left wing riots have stopped, Covid has been solved, the climate has been saved and dogs & cats are sleeping together.
  7. Pressure, smessher. They were either smoked or sandbagging. Place your bets.
  8. You did notice that this pistol is .22 long rifle I hope.
  9. If you know anything about 1911 pistols, this particular model is high on flash and low on function. Are you comparing it to ETNZ?
  10. I stand corrected, Mayo&Calder make up their own rules, I guess.
  11. Dalts sold the US rights to NBC. Most sports in the US are aired free and the network gets its money back from advertisements. For some reason, NBC thinks it can charge $175 to watch live. Beyond stupid. Also beyond stupid is that Dalts didn't require live viewing from NBC. Ya think Dalts got more $ without that requirement? Asking for a friend.
  12. I stand corrected. "almost every country around the world " is accurate and therefore we US crybabies should harden the fuck up. Dalts did keep his promise with no subterfuge intended.
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