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  1. once upon a time.. or "sic transit gloria mundi"
  2. i take it back. looks like the rig was repaired. but you will need to do some detective work to find out where the sails are stored. and i think the carbon racks are missing too.
  3. I owned this boat for a while. we sailed in breezy Long Beach conditions and managed to capsize once but never broke the rig. New owner sailed it once, on the second day broke the rig in three pieces. most likely this is where they left it, so if someone buys her you will need a new mast and/or sleeve the old one.
  4. Correction, it WAS one of Neil Barth's two Volvo boats. it is my Volvo boat now. picture of the 3DI mainsail:
  5. It's just the asking price. The boat is in good condition, as you wrote it was really only used to race the Whitbread.
  6. I've got a second VO60 (ex Merit Cup, now "Wolfhound"). 3DI are actually great quality sails and will last for quite some time. not really "string sails" in a way..
  7. I'm the owner of Yamaha. Yes would definitely like to see him make a video of the boat.
  8. not affiliated. just looking for data points on rig failure as I own a yacht with a tall carbon mast.
  9. there is nothing like the awesome power and beauty of a large racing yacht. if you can afford it, I recommend it. Just buy sails that last a bit longer , learn how to maintain some of the systems yourself, slip space that costs less is available in some areas. you will never have problems finding crew. people love sailing on big fast boats. personally though I am not so much into sleds. I like all around capable boats more, Volvo 60s, mini maxis and so forth..
  10. it would be great if someone knowledgable could post - once the info is available - where and why the rig failed and when the last service (disassembly) of the rig components was done. much appreciated!
  11. agree with Shu. kelp, in the dark, with wind, drifting with no wind, we have sailed around it but never really felt safe.
  12. that's great info I appreciate. I will be looking for this in blue. do you have experience with specific sheets having PSA?
  13. can anyone recommend non-leather material for steering wheel rim covers? i have seen them glued on and the material feels similar to neoprene. see attached picture ..
  14. if you look closely you can see "water lines" in both the bow and steering quadrant sections. Did this yacht ever (partially) sink? also it looks like the rudder bearing is leaking.
  15. I have more or less the same problem. my boat is a Whitbread 60, i think the bearing is a Harken as well. the rudder shaft is 200mm inner bearing diameter 250 mm. boat was built by cookson but they are no longer in business. do you know where to source spares / replacement bearings? I have a replacement bearing but it is not complete.
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