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  1. thanks all for your inputs, very useful. I was aware of the Pfaff but it is not easy to find anywhere. anyone used Juki machines before? the triple stitch zig zag  is required because it adds a lot more strength and the original sails have them. anyways right now I am using a "Toyota" machine and it can repair most spinnakers and i can go ~6-8ft into a genoa so i was able to do some genoa repairs/recuts as well. it would be nice to have a  more heavy duty machine with longer arm though. 

  2. does anyone have a good recommendation for a sewing machine that can repair/recut large sails (upwind sails and spinnakers)

    it needs to do zigzag and triple stitch zigzag, ideally be portable and have a long arm (to be able to pull large bulky sails through the machine).  Sadly these days local sailmakers in Southern Cali who still want to deal with large recuts are a dying breed...

    anyways wondering if you had any tips?

  3. my boat is in a LA marina and the bottom paint is Pettit Vivid White, or should I say "WAS" white because since the toxic spill a few weeks ago the water line has turned a dirty brown. the pollution is not in the water, or perhaps not only in the water because i have a spare rudder also painted in the same color stored on the dock which has discolored without ever touching water. Cleaning the waterline temporarily solves the problem but it re-stains after a few days. my question is, has anyone else experienced similar staining etc because of the toxic spill? please post here. I know the harbor is aware but not sure if they are doing anything. 

  4. I owned this boat for a while. we sailed in breezy Long Beach conditions and managed to capsize once but never broke the rig. New owner sailed it once, on the second day broke the rig in three pieces. most likely this is where they left it, so if someone buys her you will need a new mast and/or sleeve the old one.

  5. there is nothing like the awesome power and beauty of a large racing yacht. if you can afford it, I recommend it. Just buy sails that last a bit longer , learn how to maintain some of the systems yourself, slip space that costs less is available in some areas. you will never have problems finding crew. people love sailing on big fast boats. personally though I am not so much into sleds. I like all around capable boats more, Volvo 60s, mini maxis and so forth..

  6. it would be great if someone knowledgable could post - once the info is available - where and why the rig failed and when the last service (disassembly) of the rig components was done. much appreciated!

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